Spells in Solasta: Crown of the Magister are forms of magical properties that are specifically used by certain classes in the game. Spells can be used against enemies to deal damage and to inflict negative status effects, and, it can also be used to conjure magical energy to support the team such as healing effects and various buffs. Spells can be cast by any Class that has Spellcasting, but not all Classes can cast every Spell. Spells in 5e DnD cost Spell Slots in order to use, and you must have an unused Spell Slot of the matching Level in order to cast this Spell. Many lower-level Spells can be cast using higher-level Spell Slots with increased benefits. This page covers a full list of the different spells that are found in the game. 



Solasta Spells



Spell Target Range Duration Casting Time Description Classes Spell Type
Acid Splash
2 12 cell-icon-solasta-wiki-guide-small Instant Action Launch an acid bolt. WizardCleric Cantrips
True Strike
1 cell-icon-solasta-wiki-guide-small 1 round Action Increases your chance to hit a target you can see, one time. WizardRogue Cantrips 
Ray of Frost
1 Ranged Hit 12 cell-icon-solasta-wiki-guide-small 1 round Action Launch a freeziing ray at an enemy to damage and slow them. Wizard Cantrips 
shadow-armor-cantrips-solasta-wiki-guide Shadow Armor Self - 1 minute Action Grants 3 temporary hit points for one minute. WizardRogue Cantrips 
Shadow Dagger
 1  24 cell-icon-solasta-wiki-guide-small  Instant Action  Launches an illusionary dagger that causes psychic damage. WizardRogue Cantrips 
Shocking Grasp
 1 Melee Hit Instant Action Damage and daze an enemy on a successful touch. Wizard Cantrips 
poison-spray-cantrips-solasta-wiki-guide Poison Spray 1  2 cell-icon-solasta-wiki-guide-small  Instant Action Fire a poison spray at an enemy you can see. Wizard Cantrips 
light-cantrips-solasta-wiki-guideLight Item Touch 1 Hour Action An object you can touch emits a powerful light for a limited time. Wizard , Cleric Cantrips 
firebolt-cantrips-solasta-wiki-guideFire Bolt 1 Ranged Hit 24 cell-icon-solasta-wiki-guide-small Instant Action Launch a fire bolt Wizard Cantrips 
dazzle-cantrips-solasta-wiki-guideDazzle 1 Melee Hit Instant Action Lower a target's AC and prevent reaction until the start of its next turn. WizardRogue Cantrips 
annoying-bee-cantrips-solasta-wiki-guideAnnoying Bee 1 12 cell-icon-solasta-wiki-guide-small 1 round Action The target sees an illusional bee flying harassing him/her and has Disadvantage on Concentration Checks until the start of its next turn. WizardRogue Cantrips 
chill-touch-cantrips-solasta-wiki-guideChill Touch 1 Ranged Hit 24 cell-icon-solasta-wiki-guide-small 1 round Action Deal damage to one enemy and prevent healing for a limited time. WizardRogue Cantrips 
dancing-lights-cantrips-solasta-wiki-guideDancing Lights 1 24 cell-icon-solasta-wiki-guide-small 1 minute Action Create dancing lights that move at your command. Wizard Cantrips 
spare-the-dying-cantrips-solasta-wiki-guideSpare The Dying 1 Touch Instant Action Touch a dying ally to stabilize them. Cleric Cantrips 
resistance-cantrips-solasta-wiki-guideResistance 1 Touch ?? Action Grant an ally a one-time bonus to saving throws Cleric Cantrips
guidance-cantrips-solasta-wiki-guideGuidance 1 Touch ?? Action Increase an ally's ability checks for a limited time. Cleric Cantrips
sacred-flame-cantrips-solasta-wiki-guideSacred Flame 1 Touch Instant Action Strike an enemy with radiant damage. Cleric Cantrips
SparkleSparkle 3 24Cell Instant Bonus Action Target up to three objects that can be illuminated (mana lamps, torch holders) up to 24 cells away to light them up. Sparkle projectiles never miss. Wizard Cantrips
[IMG]Shine 1 10cell-icon-solasta-wiki-guide-small 1 minute Action Target an enemy creature within 10 cells. On a failed Wisdom saving throw, the creature will emit light and illuminate its surroundings for one minute. A new saving throw can be performed at the end of each of the creature's turn to cancel the effect. Cleric Cantrips
burning-hands-spells-solasta-wiki-guideBurning Hands cell-icon-solasta-wiki-guide-small 12 cell-icon-solasta-wiki-guide-small Instant Action Spray a cone of fire in front of you. SpellbladeWizardCleric

Lvl 1 Spells

charm-person-spells-solasta-wiki-guideCharm Person 1 cell-icon-solasta-wiki-guide-small 1 hour Action Makes an ally of an enemy, Wizard Lvl 1 Spells
color-spray-person-spells-solasta-wiki-guideColor Spray cell-icon-solasta-wiki-guide-small - 1 round Action Project a spray that blinds enemies for one minute WizardRogue Lvl 1 Spells
detect-magic-spells-solasta-wiki-guideDetect Magic Self - 10 minutes Action Detect nearby magic objects or creatures Wizard , Cleric , PaladinRogue Lvl 1 Spells
expeditious-retreat-spells-solasta-wiki-guideExpedition Retreat Self - 10 minutes Bonus act. Gain movement points and become able to dash as a bonus action for a limited time. Wizard Lvl 1 Spells
identify-spells-solasta-wiki-guideIdentity Self - Instant 1 minute Identity the hidden properties of an object. WizardRogue Lvl 1 Spells
hideous-laughter-spells-solasta-wiki-guideHideous Laughter 1 cell-icon-solasta-wiki-guide-small 1 minute Action Make an enemy helping with irresistible laughter. Wizard Lvl 1 Spells
fog-cloud-spells-solasta-wiki-guideFog Cloud cell-icon-solasta-wiki-guide-small 24 cell-icon-solasta-wiki-guide-small 1 hour Action Generate a sphere of thick fog for a limited time. Wizard Lvl 1 Spells
feather-fall-spells-solasta-wiki-guideFeather Fall 5 12 cell-icon-solasta-wiki-guide-small 1 minute Reaction Provide a sale landing when you or an ally fails. Wizard Lvl 1 Spells
false-life-spells-solasta-wiki-guideFalse Life Self - 1 hour Action Gain a few temporary hit points for a limited time. WizardRogue Lvl 1 Spells
jump-spells-solasta-wiki-guideJump 1 Touch 1 minute Action Increase an ally's jumping distance Wizard, Ranger Lvl 1 Spells
mage-armor-spells-solasta-wiki-guideMage Armor 1 Touch 8 Hours Action Provide magical armor to an ally who doesn't wear armor. WizardRogue Lvl 1 Spells
magic-missile-spells-solasta-wiki-guideMagic Missile 3 24 cell-icon-solasta-wiki-guide-small Instant Action Strike one or more enemies with projectiles that can't miss. Wizard Lvl 1 Spells
protection-from-evil-good-spells-solasta-wiki-guideProtect vs Evil and Good 1 Touch 10 minutes Action Touch an ally to give them protection from evil or good creatures for a limited time. Wizard,  PaladinRogue Lvl 1 Spells
shield-spells-solasta-wiki-guideShield Self - 0 rounds Reaction Increase your AC bt 5 just before you would take a hit. WizardRogue Lvl 1 Spells
thunderwave-spells-solasta-wiki-guideThunderwave 3 cell cubes orginating from you - Instant Action Emit a wave of force that causes damage and pushes creatures and onjects away. Wizard Lvl 1 Spells
sleep-spells-solasta-wiki-guideSleep cell-icon-solasta-wiki-guide-small 18cell-icon-solasta-wiki-guide-small 1 minute Action Put a number of enemies to sleep for a limited time. Wizard Lvl 1 Spells
heroism-spells-solasta-wiki-guideHeroism 1 Touch ?? ?? An ally gains temporary hit points and cannot be frightened for a limited time. Paladin Lvl 1 Spells
shield-of-faith-spells-solasta-wiki-guideShield of Faith 1 12cell-icon-solasta-wiki-guide-small ?? ?? Increases an ally's AC by 2 for a limited Paladin , Cleric Lvl 1 Spells
cure-wounds-spells-solasta-wiki-guideCure Wounds 1 Touch ?? ?? Heal an ally by touch Paladin, Ranger Lvl 1 Spells
divine-favor-spells-solasta-wiki-guideDivine Favor Self ?? ?? ?? Gain additional radiant damage for a limited time. Paladin Lvl 1 Spells
bless-spells-solasta-wiki-guideBless 3 6cell-icon-solasta-wiki-guide-small ?? ?? Increase your allies' saving throws and attack rolls for a limited time Cleric Lvl 1 Spells
[IMG]Comprehend Languages Self Self 1 hour Action For the duration of the spell, you understand the literal meaning of any spoken word that you hear. Wizard Lvl 1 Spells
inflict-wounds-spells-solasta-wiki-guideInflict Wounds 1 Melee Hit ?? ?? Deal necrotic to an enemy you hit. Cleric Lvl 1 Spells
acid-arrow-spells-solasta-wiki-guideAcid Arrow 1 Ranged hit 18cell-icon-solasta-wiki-guide-small Instant Action Launch an acid arrow. Wizard

Lvl 2 Spells

blindness-spells-solasta-wiki-guideBlindness 1 6cell-icon-solasta-wiki-guide-small 1 minute Action Blind an enemy for one minute Wizard

Lvl 2 Spells

blur-spells-solasta-wiki-guideBlur Self - 1 minute Action Makes you blurry and harder to hit for up to one minute. Wizard

Lvl 2 Spells

darkness-spells-solasta-wiki-guideDarkness 3cell-icon-solasta-wiki-guide-small 12cell-icon-solasta-wiki-guide-small 10 minutes Action Create an area of magical darkness Wizard Lvl 2 Spells
invisibility-spells-solasta-wiki-guideInvisibility 1 - 1 hour Action Make an ally invisible for a limited time. Wizard Lvl 2 Spells
hold-person-spells-solasta-wiki-guideHold Person 1 12cell-icon-solasta-wiki-guide-small 1 minute Action Paralyze a humanoid you can see for a limited time. Wizard Lvl 2 Spells
flaming-sphere-spells-solasta-wiki-guideFlaming Sphere 3cell-icon-solasta-wiki-guide-small 12cell-icon-solasta-wiki-guide-small 1 minute Action Summons a movable, burning sphere. Wizard Lvl 2 Spells
darkvision-spells-solasta-wiki-guideDarkvision (Spell) 1 Touch 8 hours Action Grant Darkvision to the target Wizard Lvl 2 Spells
knock-spells-solasta-wiki-guideKnock 1 12cell-icon-solasta-wiki-guide-small 8 hours Action Magically open locked doors, chests, and the like. Wizard Lvl 2 Spells
levitate-spells-solasta-wiki-guideLevitate 1 12cell-icon-solasta-wiki-guide-small 10 minutes Action Allow a creature to levitate and gain control of its aerial movement for a limited time. Wizard Lvl 2 Spells
magic-weapon-spells-solasta-wiki-guideMagic Weapon (Spell) Item Touch 1 hour Bonus act. A nonmagical weapon becomes a +1 weapon for up to one hour. Wizard Lvl 2 Spells
misty-step-spells-solasta-wiki-guideMisty Step Ground 6cell-icon-solasta-wiki-guide-small Instant Bonus act Teleports you to a free cell you can see, no more than 6 cells away. Wizard Lvl 2 Spells
spider-climb-spells-solasta-wiki-guideSpider Climb 1 Touch 1 hour Action Touch an ally to allow them to climb walls like a spider for a limited time. Wizard Lvl 2 Spells
see-invisibility-spells-solasta-wiki-guideSee Invisibility Self - 1 hour Action You can see invisible creatures Wizard Lvl 2 Spells
scorching-ray-spells-solasta-wiki-guideScorching Ray 3 24cell-icon-solasta-wiki-guide-small Instant Action Fling rays of fire at one or more enemies. Wizard Lvl 2 Spells
ray-of-enfeeblement-spells-solasta-wiki-guideRay of Enfeeblement 1 12cell-icon-solasta-wiki-guide-small 1 minute Action Weaken an enemy so they deal less damage for one minute Wizard Lvl 2 Spells


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