Game Progress Route for Solasta: Crown of the Magister features a recommended step-by-step progression path for the main campaign of the game, its goal is to provide players the important points of the game and to avoid any missing important aspects such as significant Locations, NPCs, Items, as well as involved boss encounters. For guides on quests, click here, if you want to check a detailed guide for each location, you may visit our Walkthrough page.


Solasta Game Progress Route

Caer Cyflen Tavern

  1. Escape the Bandits' Prison
  2. Tutorial: Movement
  3. Tutorial: Quest Log 
  4. Tutorial: Crawling / Climbing
  5. Tutorial: Interactive Elements
  6. Tutorial: Center on a Character
  7. Find a way Out


After completing the introduction and character creation, the game's tutorial Prologue will begin. This starts in the Caer Cyflen Tavern where they will bring players to a series of Flashbacks to introduce the game features and mechanics starting with the Main Quest, Prison Break. Follow the main path and complete each tutorial instruction when prompted. Interact with any environmental obstacles in your path and open any chests. Exit through the cell gates to complete the quest.


Caer Cyflen Tavern

  1. Cross the Bridge
  2. Tutorial: Dashing / Attacking / Shoving / Dodge / Disengage
  3. Get Rid of the Wolves
  4. Escape the Greyback Wolf


This flashback begins on a bridge and begins the Wild Encounter Prologue Main Quest. Kill the enemies in the area to complete the combat sequence. Follow the tutorial instructions to proceed and clear the enemies. Climb up on the rocks and push the boulder off the cliff at the end of the bridge to end the sequence. 


Caer Cyflen Tavern

  1. Leave the Cave
  2. Tutorial: Lighting & Light Sources
  3. Light your way
  4. Tutorial: Healing / Cautious Mode 
  5. Sneak Past the Orcs / Cross the River


This tutorial section begins in a dark cave and your main objective is to Leave the Cave for The Cave Main Quest. Follow the tutorial. Light the dark areas to continue. Enter through the first gate to receive the healing tutorial. Loot the chest and Heal yourself. Sneak past the Orcs in Cautious Mode and open the next set of gates. Exit to continue. Cross the river by jumping over ledges and completing the rest of the tutorial. Take a long rest and prepare a spell when finished. Exit up the ladder when finished to complete the sequence. 


Caer Cyflen Tavern

  1. Recover the Stolen Gem
  2. Tutorial: Stealth / Lockpicking
  3. Enter the Fort


Enter the fort in Cautious Mode. Do this enter sequence in stealth. Lock pick the door to enter the fort. Locate the Treasure Room. Enter the room with a chest and take the Gem. Escape the fort while still in Cautious Mode. Complete the combat sequence to finish the Prologue. 


Caer Cyflen

  1. Meet Carran at the Legacy Council
  2. Level up (Long Rest)
  3. Buy Food for the journey
  4. Tutorial: Crafting
  5. Secondary Quests:


Make your way to the Legacy Council and speak to Lord Carran. Level up your character to move on to the next objective. To do this, take a long rest and speak to Karel, the Gravekeep's Cask owner. This will complete the Legacy Council Main Quest and begin the Caer Lem (Quest). This will also begin the quest The Scavengers' Headquarters. Make your way to the Caer Lem Outpost. On the way there, another secondary quest will be activated: Lair of Filth. Defeat the goblins in the cave on the way to the outpost to complete the Lair of Filth Quest. Continue through to reach the outpost



Caer Lem Outpost

  1. Explore the Fort
  2. Reach the Door to the Dungeon
  3. Secondary Quest: Convey the Scavengers' Message
  4. Talk to Lisbath / Daliat / Robar
  5. Choice: Speak to Beryl /Daliat / Robar


Explore the fort, make your way to the top of the fort and reach the door to the dungeon. A secondary Quest will be triggered: Convey the Scavengers' Message. Talk to all three, Lisbath, Daliat, and Robar and after gaining intel, speak to either of the three: Beryl, Daliat or Robar. Complete the checks to continue. This will determine what happens next. Speaking to Robar will end in Lisbath's death, Speaking to Beryl or Daliat will both get Robar killed in the next combat sequence. Make your choice then escape to the caves. Escape the caves and return to Caer Cyflen to complete this main quest. 



Caer Cyflen

  1. Report to Carran
  2. Choice: Talk to Beryl /Daliat /Robar 
  3. Travel to the Ancient Tower
  4. Explore the Ruined Tower
  5. Secondary Quest: Quest for Information


Report to Lord Carran after returning from the outpost. They will lead you to a Possible Sorak Base, the Ruined Tower. Travel to the Ancient Ruined Tower to continue to the next Quest. Explore the Ruined Tower.  This will also trigger the Secondary Quest, Quest for Information. Approach the base in any way even in Cautious Mode will activate a combat sequence against the workers. Clear the combat sequence and enter the excavation site.  Loot the baskets on either side of the excavation entrance. Enter through the caves and follow the path until there is a broken pillar and a magic vent below. Once you push the block over, climb up and cross the pillar to loot the chest on top.  Continue toward the path until you reach an enchanted Library. 


Ruined Tower Library

  1. Follow the light
  2. Find a way to open the door
  3. Tutorial: Magic Runes Puzzle
  4. Objective 5


 Follow the path with the lit torches. Interact with any blocks in your way. Interact with the orb at the end of the path then return to the entrance to take another route.  Observe the statues on the way.  Interact with the artifacts and statues along the way to complete the secondary quest, Quest for Information. Loot the chest at the corner top platform to obtain a primed a Primed Leather Armor.  The chest in the center platform will contain a Crafting Scroll of Fog Cloud, a Crafting Battleaxe of Acuteness document, a Javelin, Scroll Kits, an Angry Violet, and a Candle light source. Continue navigating the paths and complete the battle sequence in the middle. Proceed until you reach a Magic Runes Puzzle Tutorial. Locate and activate all rune platforms then activate the orb to open the door. 


Ruined Tower Crown Room

  1. Exit the Library 
  2. Tutorial: Mana Lamps
  3. Kill the Soraks 
  4. Seize the Artifact and bring back the Crown


 Proceed towards the exit doors and complete the Mana Lamp tutorial by casting any light or fire spells at them. Continue to the next area to reach the Crown Room. Complete the battle and Kill the Soraks. Loot any bags left behind and Seize the artifact. Bring back the Artifact to the Legacy Council. Fast Travel to Caer Cyflen



Caer Cyflen

  1. Report to the Council
  2. Gem Quest: The Dark Castle
  3. Follow the Crownbearer's intuition


Report to the Council. Finish the cutscene and make your way back to the Legacy Council building. Speak to Faction representatives to improve your relationships with them and gain benefits. Proceed to the Legacy Council and complete the combat sequence in between. The next objective is to locate the Crown's Gems. Travel to the Possible Gem Location.


Possible Gem Location

  1. Enter the Castle's Courtyard
  2. Secondary Quest: Angbi's Bones
  3. Enter the Castle's Keep 
  4. Objective 5


Search the vicinity of the Castle for chests and loot. Look for the ghost dwarf at the cemetery area west of the gate to begin the secondary Quest: Angbi's Bones. Collect the bones in the grave areas by searching the sacks Collect three sets to complete the quest.  Enter the castle to initiate a combat sequence. Make your way to the Keep. Go through a well drain in order to leave the area and enter the Castle. 



Dark Castle

  1. Get to the next floor 
  2. Locate the Master


 Loot the bookcases in the area. Double-check the map to see any lootable areas. The bookcase on top of the staircase will have a Rapier, some gems, and a scroll. Proceed to the next floor. You will come across a battle sequence on your way to the next few rooms. Light the lamps along the way. Go through the room with zombies and complete the battle sequence. Go through a set of cell gates to proceed to the next area. This will trigger a cutscene and you will be lead to speak to Aksha. Proceed forward. Loot the sacks and baskets in the area before taking the flight of stairs. Open the cell gates by flipping the switch to the right of it and step into the blue area to take you to the next floor. Light the mana lamps then approach the creatures nearby to trigger a battle. Take the wooden structures to cross to the next rooms and continue to light the mana lamp. Return to the first area and climb to the platform above the row of cell gates. Get to the red-carpeted area that also leads to a flight of stairs. This will go up to a set of dimly lit areas. Following the red carpet to the end will lead to a battle sequence. Past this area are some bookshelves that can be looted for Crafting Recipes. Return to the other end of the red carpet and go through the narrow arch area. You will have to climb over the small block. This is where you will the blue glowing indicator that will lead you to the next room. Interact with the set of doors. This will eventually trigger another cutscene with Aksha. Succeed in passing her checks to avoid any combat. Loot the area and check or the other interactable objects. Go through the large set of doors. Take the Minor gate indicated by the blue glow to teleport to the next area. Use the runes to access the next area. Use the Thieve's Tools to Lockpick any doors. Complete any battle sequences in your way. Continue until you reach the Master and the Gem. Complete the final sequence to complete the quest. Leave the area to continue. 


 Dark Castle Maze

  1. Find a Way out of the Maze
  2. Choice: Adventurer's Journal
  3. Locate the Master and the Gem


Go through the small door arch. Disarm the traps and trigger the slabs to gain access to the next area. Head over to lit rooms and loot its contents. Use each party member to activate multiple switches. When the next area is successfully opened, take your party to the next room with the rune markings. Face the south wall and interact with the crates to move them. Have the character join the rest of the party and have each character step on the rune switches on the floor. Take the newly activated teleporters to the next area. The west teleporter will take you to a small room. Observe the rune plaque on the wall then take the Depleted rune. Use Thieve's tools to unlock the cell gate. Complete the battle, take the adventurer's notes and take the teleporter with the arrow that points down to activate it on the main platform. Activate all arrow directions to continue. There is one more teleporter arrow in the first room that can be activated. Activate all arrows to continue.  Complete the battle sequences and use the switches to unlock the next rooms until you reach the Master. Successfully go through the checks to avoid battle. Completing the cutscene will complete the quest and obtain the gem. There will be a chest to loot in the Master's Room before you exit the area.  



Tirmarian Ruins

  1. Gem Quest: The Monastery
  2. Explore the Ruins
  3. Find the Copper Vale of Remembrance 


Travel to the next possible gem location (Tirmarian Ruins) and explore the ruins. There are chests to loot atop the pillars and through some rocks.  Check for interactable items then proceed to the center of the map. Approach the mausoleum and wait for the moon by resting in order to be able to solve the rune puzzle.  Tap on the first then third and second slab to reveal the symbol and open the entrance. Kythaela will lead you to the next area. Fast Travel to Coparann, stopping by the bridge, Dungeon, and Caravan Camp. Loot the chests in both areas. The Oracle area chest will be in the water. Retrieving the chest will trigger a combat sequence. The Dungeon will also contain a chest at the end of the corridor. Continue the journey after looting the area. She will stop at the caravans. Look for Galar and help him complete a combat sequence to gain access to his gears. He will also provide an optional quest. 




  1. Gem Quest: The Monastery
  2. Return Belongings / Deliver Letter (Optional)
  3. Find the five clues
  4. Find Sergeant Nikannen
  5. Meet the Baron


Upon arrival at Coparann, enter through the gate area and Deliver the letter to Wilf and look for the Ceannard indicated on the minimap. Locate the five clues in the area by speaking to various townspeople to continue. Speak to the Scavenger HQ leader who will be outside near the market tents. Speak to her to complete the Secondary QuestVisit the Local Scavenger HQ. Speak to Sergeant Nikkanan and then meet the Baron to continue. Return to Nikannen then return to the Baron the next day and follow him to the basement. Complete the Battle sequence to continue. 



  1. Survive the Ambush
  2. Free the Real Baron
  3. Find Kythaela's Belongings
  4. Go to the Throne Room / Check the Imperial Door (Optional)
  5. Find the Gem's Location


Upon finishing the battle and setting the real Baron free, solve the rune puzzle piece like the one in the Mausoleum. Solve the puzzle to enter the next area and locate Kythaela's belongings. Loot the chest in the area to obtain Beautiful Boots, Primed Longsword, and a Primed Longbow. Interact with the set of Imperial Doors to complete the optional objective and then return to the Throne Room.  Travel to the next location: Master's Tower. It will be available on your map. 


Master's Tower

  1. Explore the Surroundings
  2. Find a Way to Enter the Tower
  3. Enter The Tower
  4. Find the Gem 


Clear the path and take the route to the left of the tombstone once you come across it.  Some pillars need to be knocked over to continue the path. Keep heading north until you reach the large round platform. You need to wait for the moon again to solve the puzzle so take a rest. Solve the slab puzzles to open the tower entrance. This will be interrupted by a combat sequence. Complete the battle to continue solving the puzzle and open the tower entrance. Enter the Tower and loot the chest at the corner of the room. This area will now be added to your map so you can check lootable areas. Stand in the center of the Foyer to teleport into the Tower. 



Master's Tower

  1. Find the Gem
  2. Kill Razan



Check each room to loot the chests. Check the bookshelves in the library area for more Crafting Recipes and Ingredients. Some items you will find include a Breastplate of Deflection, Chainmail of Robustness, Half Plate of Robustness, Viper's Bite, The Long Night, Empress Garb Chain Shirt, Leather Armour of Survival, and Armour of Flame Dancing. Proceed across the narrow suspended walkway to reach the next area and prepare for battle. Complete the battle sequence to complete the quest. 






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