Tirmarian Ruins


Gem Quest: The Monastery



Tirmarian Ruins is a Location in Solasta: Crown of the Magister. Solasta: Crown of the Magister is set a thousand years after a catastrophic Cataclysm resulting in the birth of new young nations around the affected areas along with the destruction of others. These regions and nations are where players will discover ruins and forgotten dungeons, encounter new foes and characters, and embark on different quests. 


Near this ruined Timarian monastery, inside a Manacalon mausoleum, you found an elf wizard, seemingly kept in a trance since the Cataclysm. She keeps rambling about finding the master. 


Tirmarian Ruins Information

First seen as a Possible Gem Location, this is where Kythaela, the elf wizard is found inside the Mausoleum. She seems to have some faint memories of the Cataclysm that could be useful for location the Crown's gems. 


Timarian Ruins Quests

Quests in the Timarian Ruins: 


Tirmarian Ruins NPCs

NPCs around the Tirmarian Ruins:

  • Kythaela

Merchants around the Tirmarian Ruins: 

  • __Merchant__ 



Tirmarian Ruins Notes & Tips

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