Classes in Solasta Crown of the Magister are styles of play for each character of the game. In Solasta, players are given the chance to select their Class during Character Customization. Apart from that, upon reaching a certain level for each class, players will be able to choose a secondary classification which is Subclasses that further develop the character by adding feats, abilities, and more. Each class also gives you a set of equipment that you can customize. For various builds created by the Fextralife team and from different contributers, you can visit our Builds page to find different builds for classes. This page covers a list of all the available classes featured in Solasta: Crown of the Magister.

Solasta All Classes & Subclasses Review



How Many Classes are there in Solasta?

In Solasta: Crown of the Magister, there is a total of 9 Classes and 31 Subclasses that you can choose from. These classes consists of Spell users, Melee users, Long-Range users, and many more. In Solasta: Crown of the Magister, you can have up to 4 different heroes/classes in your party. It's up to you on what classes are you going to mix and progress together to make a good team. Here's a quick list of the classes available in Solasta:

What Classes Should you have in Solasta?

It's really up to you how you'll build your party. What's important is the right balance between the classes. However, it's always important to take note that the combination of your classes in the party play an important role when dealing with enemies. You should have a hero who's best in Magic attacks (WizardSorcererDruid), one in Melee attacks  (FighterPaladinBarbarian), one in ranged attacks (RogueRanger), and one in healing or all-around attacks such as the Cleric.


Recommended! - Must Pick Classes in Solasta


The Cleric is easily the best supporting class in Solasta. This class can support your party with magic, while also acting as a tank class on the front lines. It's highly effective when messing with enemies as well, making it a master of all trades. A good combination of a team would be a RangerWizardPaladin, and Cleric.


Sorcerers are well known for the damage that they can deal, making them a great class to choose if you solely want to bring damaging spells to the enemy.  The only cons for this class are its versatility.


The Druid is very similar to the Cleric class and is known for its capability to do anything almost.  The Druid can be considered your go-to class when you need a slot filled. You can primarily use this class for powerful crowd control.


The Barbarian class is the best choice during the early game. Other classes would eventually outshine the Barbarian as you progress. Its main focus is HP, which is good since this class focuses on taking damage rather than avoiding it.


The Paladin is the absolute must-pick class if you're looking for a melee type. It can do what the other fighting classes can do but way better. It's one of the tankiest classes and can also deal a ton of damage to enemies with its powerful abilities.


Solasta Crown of the Magister All Classes


Solasta Crown of the Magister All DLC Classes

warlock class solasta crown of the magister wiki

New Solasta Class!

"Warlocks display explosive combat power. They have access to a very limited amount of magic per fight, but always cast their spells at the highest level possible."

Available in the Inner Strength DLC

Warlock Subclasses:

The FiendThe HiveThe TimekeeperThe Tree


bard class solasta crown of the magister wiki

New Solasta Class!

"With the power of turning music into magic, Bards are powerful spellcasters who usually prefer more subtle approach to conflict solving."

Available in the Inner Strength DLC

Bard Subclasses:

College of LoreCollege of HopeCollege of HeroismCollege of Tradition


monk class solasta crown of the magister wiki

New Solasta Class!

"Fast, agile and disciplined, Monks are martial artists whose mastery of combat can fall even the greatest foe. They possess a supernatural power identified as Ki."

Available in the Inner Strength DLC

Monk Subclasses:

Way of the Open HandWay of SurvivalWay of LightWay of Freedom


barbarians class solasta crown of the magister wiki guide 200px

"Barbarians are fierce warriors from the edge of civilization. Their battle range makes them dangerous combatants, which makes them near unkillable in combat."

Available in the Primal Calling DLC

Barbarian Subclasses:

Path of the Berserker ♦ Path of the Magebane ♦ Path of the Stone ♦ Path of Claw


druid class solasta crown of the magister wiki guide 200px

"Druids are part of an ancient order dedicated to its nature. Thier powers and spells are attuned to animals, plants and the elemental forces."

Available in the Primal Calling DLC

Druid Subclasses:

Circle of the Land ♦ Circle of the Kindred Spirit ♦ Circle of Winds ♦ Circle of Balance


Solasta Crown of the Magister All Base Classes

cleric class solasta crown of the magister wiki guide 200px

"Clerics are the servants of their chosen deity that are granted miraculous powers."

Cleric Subclasses:

Elemental (Fire) ♦ Elemental (Ice) ♦ Elemental (Lightning) ♦ Sun ♦ Battle  ♦ Law  ♦ Life  ♦ Oblivion  ♦ Insight ♦ Mischief Domain


fighter class solasta crown of the magister wiki guide 200px

"Fighters are trained in the arts of combat, they are adept with most weapons but often chose to specialize."

Fighter Subclasses:

ChampionMountaineerSpellblade ♦ Commander


paladin class solasta crown of the magister wiki guide 200px

"Paladins are elite warriors who have sworn unbreakable holy oaths to fight evil. Wields Divine Powers and Clerical Spells."

Paladin Subclasses:

Oath of Devotion ♦ Oath of the Motherland ♦ Oath of Tirmar ♦ Oath of Judgment


ranger class solasta crown of the magister wiki guide 200px

"Rangers are stealthy hunters, excellent trackers, and archers, and also have some spellcasting ability."

Ranger Subclasses:

Hunter ♦ Marksman ♦ Shadow Tamer ♦ Swift Blade


rogue class solasta crown of the magister wiki guide 200px

"Versatile warriors who are known for their cunning and their ability to launch deadly sneak attacks."

Rogue Subclasses:

Thief ♦ Darkweaver ♦ Shadowcaster ♦ Hoodlum


wizards class solasta crown of the magister wiki guide 200px

"Weak against physical combat, but has the ability to execute powerful and wondrous spells."

Wizard Subclasses:

Shock Arcanist ♦ Loremaster ♦ Greenmage ♦ Court Mage


sorcerer class solasta crown of the magister wiki guide 200px

"Sorcerers have magical powers derived from their ancestry, rather than from the laborious academic studies that wizards must undertake."

Sorcerer Subclasses:

Draconic BloodlineMana Painter ♦ Child of the Rift ♦ Haunted Soul





Solasta Classes Starting Equipment













Solasta Party Builds

Basic Party Build

While most Solasta veterans use complex classes in their party build, having a basic party build as a beginner can sometimes grant you more success. If you're a beginner in Solasta: Crown of the Magister, you may want to start out with this kind of build:


  • Choosing a Cleric class is almost the every move that everyone makes in Solasta: Crown of the Magister. As we mentioned earlier, the Cleric is almost the best at everything. We recommend boosting or prioritizing the Wisdom stat of the Cleric followed by its healing and strength. You'll want the cleric to take the most damage in your party to keep your other classes alive, while also providing healing. Choose the Hill Dwarf as its race.


  • The Wizard class has the ability to deal damage to multiple enemies at once. You should prioritize improving the Intelligence stats of the Wizard to get the most out of it. You can choose from a variety of spells to either attack the enemy or support you other classes in combat. Choose the High as the Race of this class.


  • The Rogue class is a good choice for this party build because of its potential in terms of sneaking up on enemies and dealing damage without being caught. Make sure to prioritize Dexterity and Charisma for this class.


  • Lastly, we have the fighter class. This class has the capability to deal high amounts of damage. Make sure to prioritize the strength stats of this class. This class will be your main attacker in your party, dealing and taking damage for the whole team.


Advanced Party Build

In Solasta: Crown of the Magister, we also have advanced builds suitable for players who have decent time in the game already. For players who want to deal the most damage possible, this is the Party build for you:

Hill-Dwarf Cleric

  • Using a Hill-Dwarf Cleric that has chosen the Battle Domain will not only give you a plus 1 in terms of wisdom, but it will also guarantee you multiple powerful combat spells that the Cleric class can use in battle.

Fighter (With Spellblade ability)

  • Not only is the Fighter capable of high amounts of damage, but you can also have this class cast spells using the Spellblade ability. This increases the damage that the fighter class can give.

Half-Elf Paladin (Sworn an oath of the Motherland)

  • This class build will give your character the opportunity to deal enormous damage using Fire spells. Prioritize Strength and Charisma for this class set up since a Paladin will usually need to hit an enemy first before using a spell.

High-Elf Rogue (Shadowcaster)

  • Stealth and sneaky attacks is what the Rogue class is known for. Mix that up with Shadowcaster, and this will give you spells that you can use to boost your abilities like stealth to deal more damage.

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      Unless somebody mentioned it already, your description above for Greenmage and Courtmage are EXACTLY written the same way.

      • Anonymous

        To go along with the use of DnD mechanics, it would be nice to see classes and subclasses more closely aligned with the current version of DnD. I only see thief and draconic bloodline from the current subclasses of DnD. I'm super surprised to not see the assassin subclass, or monk and warlock classes, but the full scop of classes and subclasses from DnD would be much more appealing and diverse.

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          This selection is rather underwhelming.

          I understand Human Fighters are required as a safe default choice for those who are new to the genre or prefer to just tank it out than resort to finesse and tactic. But then it should be complimented with at least one class at the other end of the spectrum--one odd or unusual option. Something that is a little more challenging to master.

          And it's not like D&D5e doesn't have those options. I've played a Dragonborn Shadow Assassin before, which is ridiculous fun--I highly recommend that everybody, at least once in their life, experience the joy of a shadow step right in the middle of an enemy mob to drop a mine right under their feet. And played an Warforged Artificer, which was challenging yet satisfying. Making a tribe of goblins believe they were haunted by the ghosts of their ancestors using nothing but a "message" spell is as entertaining as it sounds. This game needs at least one such incredibly satisfying brains-over-brawn alternative, to scratch that hobbit itch of any character for whom the front door just isn't an option.

          Sure! You can make a game limited to the classes above. Your party encounters a blind slime, who is attracted to your footsteps, takes it head on, and that certainly may turn out to be a challenge in itself--people may die, you could give your tank a hard time, exhaust your spells, and reek all sorts of mayhem and havoc; you might have to retry that encounter couple of times until you eventually barely survive. Is it satisfying though?
          Or--given meaningful options--wouldn't we rather teleport past the danger zone using the creature's own shadow, then magically switch places with each companion one after the other to get the entire party across with no attack roll fired. Would we not rather fly across, use acrobatics, throw a damn rock the other way... anything that allows us to "roleplay" our character? All those classes are straight up combat options--this ensemble of classes is missing the odd one out to make things interesting.

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