Inner Strength DLC

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Name Solasta: Inner Strength DLC
Release Date November 14, 2022
Genre Adventure, RPG, Strategy
Platform/s PC
Mac OS
Mode/s Single-Player. Co-op
Price TBA
Developer Tactical Adventures
Publisher Tactical Adventures

Inner Strength DLC for Solasta Crown of the Magister is the most recent Downloadable content or DLC that was released for new game features and content. This DLC arrived, introducing more previously loved Classes and Subclasses and a new Ancestry. In addition to the DLC, a free update will also be available during the release of Inner Strength. Players may enjoy newly added backgrounds to add flare and change the dynamics of gameplay while going through the original existing campaigns. New Feats were also added with attention to the martial classes, and now PC players may also choose to play with a Gamepad with the newly updated Gamepad Support. 


Hey there folks! Mark your calendars because we're here with a date for the next DLC! With the Monk, Bard & Warlock joining the party, we've finally completed the full SRD class lineup in Solasta. To think we originally planned to release the game with only 4 - Fighter, Rogue, Cleric, Wizard - and now we're up to 12... All of this is only possible thanks to your support! But that's not all there is, the long awaited Dragonborns also make their appearance in this new DLC. Inner Strength, coming up November 14th - don't miss it!


Solasta Inner Strength DLC Features

  • Classes: Three new Classes have been added to the roster to add to the original experiences
  • Subclasses: Each of the Classes will arrive with their own set of Subclasses which will total to 9
  • Ancestry: The Dragonborn Ancestry has been added

Free Updates

  • Backgrounds: Three new backgrounds have also been added, but do not come with a new background quest.
  • Feats: 17 New feats will be available to add to their martial abilities.
  • Dungeon Maker: Players who enjoy the Dungeon Maker feature can now enjoy using  Boss Monsters.
  • Gamepad support has been added to PC Users. 


Solasta Inner Strength DLC Overview

Buying this DLC unlocks three new Classes (for a total of 9 new subclasses, plus 3 additional ones if you own Lost Valley) and one new Ancestry

  • The Warlock Class, with its 4 subclasses: The Fiend (SRD), The Hive (Solasta), The Timekeeper (Community), The Tree (Lost Valley)
  • The Bard Class, with its 4 subclasses: College of Lore (SRD), College of Hope (Solasta), College of Heroism (Community), College of Tradition (Lost Valley)
  • The Monk Class, with its 4 subclasses: Way of the Open Hand (SRD), Way of Survival (Solasta), Way of Light (Community), Way of Freedom (Lost Valley)
  • The Dragonborn Ancestry

With the release of Inner Strength, every player also gets the following content for free!

  • Three new Backgrounds: The Ascetic, The Artist & The Occultist (note: these new backgrounds do not have a background quest in the Crown of the Magister campaign)
  • 17 new feats to give our martial classes some more love!
  • Gamepad support on PC is finally here <3
  • Boss monsters have now been activated in the Dungeon Creator! Use them at your own risk and peril!


How do I download the Solasta Inner Strength DLC

The Inner Strength DLC along with all other DLC content and Bundles is available for purchase on the Steam Website. 


Solasta Inner Strength DLC System Requirements


Minimum Specs

Recommended Specs

OS: Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10  Windows 10
Processor: AMD FX 4300 / Intel Core i5-3570K AMD Ryzen 3 1300X / Intel Core i5-7400
Memory:  8 GB RAM  8 GB RAM
Graphics: Radeon R9 285 / GeForce GTX 950 Radeon RX 590 / GeForce GTX 1060
DirectX: Version 11 Version 11
Storage Space:  15 GB available space  15 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card DirectX compatible sound card



Solasta Inner Strength DLC Wishing Well Event

Before the launch of the DLC, a Wishing Well event was held to welcome the three new Classes that are expected to release with the DLC. This event conluded June 19th 2022. This gave fans of the game a chance to take part in the design stages of the development of these new characters. Players were invited to submit ideas and designer represents their idea of how these new classes could look on the roster and as a playable characters.  Players whose designs were chosen would then be added to the game credits as Community Designers and would will also receive an exclusive title on the Solasta Discord Server, a Steam Key for the next DLC as well as the PDF of the Solasta Sourcebook. Below were the classes open for design submissions. 



Solasta Inner Strength DLC New Features

Solasta Inner Strength DLC New Classes & Subclasses

To further immerse players into the original tabletop world, 3 new classes will become available, taken from the original games so players can relive pre-loved characters from their tabletop campaigns.

  • Warlock: Bards from the College of Heroism aren't content with just telling the stories - they must be part of it. Their thundering voice ensures their allies are always at their best, and at their side even the most cowardly soldiers become stalewart combatants. Even at times most dire, the tale will not end with a Heroism Bard in your party.
  • Bard: Timekeepers are strange and mysterious entities who exist beyond the fabric of time and space - and you've made a pact with one, allowing you to make small adjustments in endless flow of the river of time, as unnatural as it may sound.
  • Monk: "Stay in the light, friend". Such as simple expression, yet most forget its origin. After the Cataclysm, many struggled to survive in the dark times that loomed over Solasta. The Way of Light appeared around that time, with its practioners helping to keep isolated settlements safe from the many creatures of the dark that lurked around.


Solasta Inner Strength DLC New Ancestry

  • Dragonborn

Solasta Inner Strength DLC New Subclasses 

Warlock Class

  • The Fiend (SRD)
  • The Hive (Solasta)
  • The Timekeeper (Community)
  • The Tree (Lost Valley)

Bard Class:

  • College of Lore (SRD)
  • College of Hope (Solasta)
  • College of Heroism (Community)
  • College of Tradition (Lost Valley)

Monk Class:

  • Way of the Open Hand (SRD)
  • Way of Survival (Solasta)
  • Way of Light (Community)
  • Way of Freedom (Lost Valley)


Solasta Inner Strength DLC Free Update

Solasta New Backgrounds

Three new backgrounds will become available for free upon the release of the Inner Strength DLC. This will not require any purchases.

  • The Ascetic
  • The Artist
  • The Occultist

Solasta New Feats

17 new feats have been added with the Martial Classes 

  • TBA


Solasta Inner Strength DLC Notes & Tips

  • Solasta Inner Strength DLC Information Notes and Tips



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