Crafting in Solasta features the various aspects relevant to the crafting mechanic of the game. Players can find detailed information on how the crafting system works as well as the different recipes and materials used to forge different items and possibly gear such as ArmorWeapons, and more.

In Solasta, you can craft various items. To do so, you need the proper equipment, ingredients, skill, and time. For magical items, sometimes you need to know spells. Crafting is performed while traveling when your party has set up camp but is not yet sleeping. Characters can devote some of their free time to work on their current crafting task. 

Crafting Equipment


These are the required tools to craft:

Crafting Skills

You will need to be proficient with these tools to use them. Even if you're proficient with a given Crafting Tool, you'll need specific Skills to make successive checks against the recipe's DC. 

  • To craft potions, sometimes Medicine is enough, but Arcana is very useful.
  • To craft poisons, Medicine or Nature is useful.
  • To craft scrolls or enchanted items, Arcana is a must. 

Crafting Recipes


To craft an item, you need to know which ingredients to combine. These Recipes can be learned by reading manuals or taught by masters. Solastan factions generally keep copies of recipes and sell them at good prices to their friends, but some can be found out there in the Badland, too. Once a recipe has been learned, everyone who's in the party can use it.

Crafting Ingredients

Crafting requires Ingredients. They can be found while adventuring, gathered from flowers, bushes, rocks, and sometimes, from dead creatures. Obviously, you can also buy them from shops, unless they are very rare. Enchanting requires Prime items that have been magically prepped for enchanting by Manacalon Mastersmiths, whose secrets have been lost with the Cataclysm. Generally, a Primed Item will require a very rare additional ingredient to fulfill its potential.


Solasta Crafting


Potion Crafting

A Herbalism Kit is Required for Potion Crafting. Medicine will also help with crafting potions. 

Recipe Effect Ingredients Requirements
Potion of Healing
Contains a shimmering liquid. Heals some of your lost HP when drunk.   

Crafting DC: 12

Duration: 8 hours

Required Spell: Cure Wounds


Poison Crafting

The Poisoner's Kit is required for Poison Crafting. Medicine or nature will also help with crafting poisons. 

Recipe Effect Ingredients Requirements


Spell Scroll Crafting

A Scroll Kit and Arcana is required for Scroll Crafting

Recipe Effect Ingredients Requirements
Scroll of Magic Missile
Cast Magic Missile

Crafting DC: 13

Duration: 8 hours

Scroll of Cure Wounds
Cast Cure Wounds

Crafting DC: 13

Duration: 8 hours

Scroll of Fog Cloud
Cast Fog Cloud

Required Spell: Jump

Crafting DC: 13

Duration: 8 hours


Item Enchantment

A Manacalon Rosary and Arcana is required for Enchanted Weapons and Armor.

  • Enchanting will require Prime items that have been magically prepped for enchanting by Manacalon Mastersmithes,  whose secrets have been lost with the Cataclysm. 
Recipe Effect Ingredients Requirements
Battleaxe of Acuteness
Craft an enchanted weapon.

Crafting DC: 10

Duration: 24 hours

Shortsword of Acuteness
Craft an enchanted weapon.

Crafting DC: 10

Duration: 24 hours

Doomblade Rapier
Craft an enchanted weapon.

Crafting DC: ??

Duration: 24 hours

Doomblade Greatsword
Craft an enchanted weapon.

Crafting DC: ??

Duration: 24 hours

Doomblade Greatblade
Craft an enchanted weapon.
  • ??
Leather Armor of Flame Dancing
Craft an enchanted armor. ??
Leather Armor of Survival
Craft an enchanted armor. ??
Empress Garb Chain Shirt
Craft an enchanted armor. ??
Craft an enchanted weapon. ??



Ammunition Crafting

Crafting Ammo requires the character to be proficient in using the Smith's Tools.

Recipe Effect Ingredients Requirements
Ammo used to shoot with a Bow weapon. x1 Projectile Parts

Crafting DC: 8

Duration: 4 hours

Crossbow Bolt
Ammo used to shoot with a Crossbow weapon. x1 Projectile Parts

Crafting DC: 8

Duration: 4 hours



Crafting Ingredients

Ingredients are Items that are mainly used for crafting various elements in the game such as consumable items, equipment, scrolls, and many more. Crafting is performed while traveling when your party has set up camp but hasn't gone to sleep yet. Characters can devote some of their free time to work on their current crafting task. Apart from gathering the required ingredients, characters must be proficient in using specified Tools and/or Skills. This page covers a list of all the ingredients found in the game.



Solasta Ingredients

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Ingredients can be used in recipes for Crafting.



Stack Size



A small amount of Acid. 20 15 gold-currency-icon-solasta-wiki-guide 0
Some powdered magnesium. 20 10 gold-currency-icon-solasta-wiki-guide 0
Refined Oil
A small amount of Refined Oil. 20 gold-currency-icon-solasta-wiki-guide 0
Angry Violet
Common in the Principality of Masgarth, this flower is named after a famous wizard. 20 10 gold-currency-icon-solasta-wiki-guide 0
Abyss Moss
A very rare moss found in the depths beneath the Badlands. 20 10 gold-currency-icon-solasta-wiki-guide 0
Gallivan Amaranth
A beautiful flower that is very popular in Gallivan. 20 10 gold-currency-icon-solasta-wiki-guide 0
Blood Daffodil
This large flower is rumored to grow well on battlefields. 20 15 gold-currency-icon-solasta-wiki-guide 0
Skarn Powder
A brown powder made by crushing a rare crystal from the Badlands. 20 15 gold-currency-icon-solasta-wiki-guide 0
Troll Acanthus
A very tough plant, said to regenerate when cut. 20 20 gold-currency-icon-solasta-wiki-guide 0
Deep Root Lichen
A rare lichen found on the roots of magically distorted trees and underground plants. 20 25 gold-currency-icon-solasta-wiki-guide 0
Queen Ivy
A small flower, often used as a decorative motif in Manacalon architecture but now rare. 20 25 gold-currency-icon-solasta-wiki-guide 0
A white flower that only opens in moonlight. 20 35 gold-currency-icon-solasta-wiki-guide 0
Emperor's Eye
This rare mushroom was named by a slave of the Manacalon Empire, who paid for his disrespect with his life. 20 40 gold-currency-icon-solasta-wiki-guide 0
This green powder comes from a dark rock that is rarely found on Solasta. 20 30 gold-currency-icon-solasta-wiki-guide 0
An exquisite rose known for its vivid colors and deep fragrance. 20 45 gold-currency-icon-solasta-wiki-guide 0
Brimstone Viper Scales
Scales from a large flying snake from the Badlands. 20 20 gold-currency-icon-solasta-wiki-guide 0.5
Doom Gem
?? ?? ?? ??

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