Documents are a type of Item in Solasta: Crown of the Magister. They are one of the categories of items found in the game. Documents can be found in various ways such as by looting it from chests and baskets in certain areas of a location, taken from enemies, or it is given by certain NPCs. These items can either be sold to merchants or you can also give them to specific Factions that are interested in the certain document item. By doing so, players can increase their relationship and gain access to unique wares or features. This page covers a list of all the Documents found in the game.



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Interested Factions


Silent Whisper Parchment
Antiquarians, Tower of Knowledge, Arcaneum gold currency icon solasta wiki guide
Tirmarian Inquisitor's Journal
Antiquarians, Tower of Knowledge, Church of Einar gold currency icon solasta wiki guide
Archaeological Notes
Arcaneum, Tower of Knowledge silver currency icon solasta wiki guide
Myths of Solasta
Circle of Danantar, Arcaneum, Tower of Knowledge 25 gold currency icon solasta wiki guide
Unfinished Biography
n/a n/a
Notebook Page
n/a gold currency icon solasta wiki guide

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