Patch Notes for Solasta: Crown of the Magister features an overview of all the patches released by the developer Tactical Adventures. The following patches are free and are released via an online update, these patches focus on game balance, performance, and localization issues.


Solasta Patch Notes


Inner Strength Patch Notes

17 New Feats (Free):

  • Arcane Appraiser: Magical Items are automatically identified when put in your inventory
  • Badlands Marauder: Gain +1 CON, resistance to poison damage and advantage on rolls against being poisoned
  • Forest Runner: Gain +1 DEX and +2 cells movement speed 
  • Mightly Blow: When attacking with a melee two-handed weapon, deal additional damage equal to half your Strength modifier (rounded up)
  • Cloak and Dagger: After hitting an enemy with a light weapon, gain +2 AC until the start of your next turn (doesn't stack)
  • Distracting Gambit: After hitting an enemy with a one-handed weapon, they lose -1 AC for 1 minute (doesn't stack)
  • Forestalling Strength: Gain +1 AC while wielding a two-handed weapon
  • Mender: Stabilizing an ally with a Medecine checks heals them by 1 HP
  • Blessing of the Elements: When taking fire, cold or lightning damage, you can use your reaction to become resistant to those damage types until the start of your next turn (once per short rest)
  • Trip Attack: Enemies hit by a melee Ready Action must make a contested roll (against shove) or be knocked prone
  • Daunting Push: Successfully shoving an enemy makes them lose half of their movement speed until the end of their next turn.
  • Ready or Not: Gain advantage on attack rolls when using Ready Action
  • Toxic / Melting / Burning / Icy / Electrifying Touch: The first time you deal damage with an unarmed or weapon attack each turn, deal additional poison / acid / fire / cold / lightning damage equal to your proficiency bonus (can't select Touch feats multiple times)

3 New Backgrounds (Free):

  • The Ascetic : Gain 1 language and proficiency with Survival, Insight and the Herbalism Kit
  • The Artist: Gain 1 language and proficiency with Persuasion, Deception and Performance
  • The Occultist: Gain 1 language and proficiency with Arcana, Deception and the Scroll Kit
  • Note: Unlike previous backgrounds, these 3 new backgrounds do not have a special quest in the Crown of the Magister campaign.

Gamepad Support (Free):

  • PC Controllers

Dungeon Maker Improvements (Free):

  • Boss Monsters can now be used in the Dungeon Maker. Legendary actions included. 

New Classes With the DLC

New Races with the DLC

General Improvements (Free):

  • Enemies who are immune to certain conditions will now display a text feedback instead of leaving the player to wonder if they are immune.
  • Clicking the "Light" button shortcut (bottom left) while having a light active will now extinguish it.
  • Four types of instruments can be found for the Bard to use as spellcasting focus: a Flute, a Lute, a Drum and a Horn.
  • Added a "Toggle" Icon for Sorcerers' Metamagic. While toggled off, you will no longer be asked to select a metamagic option every time you try to cast a spell.
  • Unidentified magical weapons will now properly inflict magical damage. 
  • Ready Action will now trigger when invisible enemies come out of invisibility to attack you.
  • Added Eldritch Blast, Viscious Mockery, Hellish Rebuke, Malediction, Dreadful Omen and Hilarity spells to the game (Bard & Warlock)
  • Added a "Fast Loot" system: looting crafting components out of bushes / flowers no longer opens a loot window.
  • Buffed most Kindred Spirits base AC, HP and damage as they were a little too weak. 
  • Added some missing Primed Weapon / Armor to merchants in CotM and Lost Valley. 

General Bug Fixes (Free):

  • Fixed new Temporary Hit Points overriding old value even if the previous amount of Temporary Hit Points was higher. It should now always keep the highest amount. 
  • Fixed a rare bug where Kindred Druids could no longer summon their pet until they leveled up
  • Fixed Heat Metal not working properly after the first few rounds. Now you can get back to cooking those Veterans alive, you monster.
  • Fixed a couple of range miscalculations where a spell's range would be slightly lower than intended.
  • Fixed Shield of Faith preventing the caster from casting Shield.
  • Fixed a rare instance where shoving could cause an error. 
  • Fixed AC stacking incorrectly in some instances. 
  • Fixed allied NPCs sometimes making ranged attacks by hitting air with their melee weapon. 
  • Fixed some tooltips which were showing duplicate and/or empty strings
  • Fixed multiple Hunter's Mark (from multiple Rangers) not stacking properly on the same target
  • Fixed Greenmage's Leaf Scale feature activating when they get counterspelled. 
  • Fixed Bracers of Archery granting damage bonus on melee attacks. 
  • Fixed Ranger Marksman's Reaction Shot not triggering against spells.
  • Fixed Greenmage's Leaf Scale also not triggering properly against spells.
  • Fixed Dragons missing their Blindsight feature
  • Fixed Shapeshifting as a Balance Druid while another character is dead to suddenly trigger a game over if no one else could cast Revivify. Basically the game went "wait, Druid can revivify, but Bear no can revivify. Druid now Bear, so revivify not possible now. Dead person no can be saved, game over". Oh game, you did your best.
  • Fixed Law Cleric's Holy Retribution text string - and hopefully it should no longer randomly deal damage to the Cleric instead of the attacker.
  • Fixed an issue where Confrontation (Lost Valley) could become impossible to complete if Karelia was killed
  • Fixed an issue where The Lost Apprentice (Lost Valley) could bug out if Lysantir died before reaching Orenetis or Hasbrudal
  • Fixed an issue which could prevent the completion of The Lost Book (Lost Valley)
  • Secret Report (Lost Valley) will now properly fail if you previously killed Cafrain's contact
  • Fixed Berserker Barbarians' saving throw against Frenzy not taking into account their magic items' bonus
  • Fixed bonus cantrips gained from subclasses being into account in the total number of cantrips known when leveling up (preventing the spellcaster from learning more cantrips)
  • Fixed Confusion's area of effect not increasing when upcasted
  • Fixed Marksman Ranger's Recycler not working properly while traveling on the World Map
  • Fixed several issues with Chinese and Russian where some text wouldn't appear
  • Barbarian Rage should no longer work when wearing Heavy Armor
  • Fixed an issue where Wind Druid's Sheltering Breeze could only be used once per long rest
  • Fixed an issue where Hunter Ranger's Whirlwind Attack would do absolutely nothing when used. 
  • Fixed an issue where... alright where do I start with this one. If your character falls unconscious while you had their inventory open, and you then use an item from there while unconscious, game goes boom. 
  • Slashing, Piercing and Bludgeoning damage inflicted by spells should now be correctly considered "magical damage" for the purpose of overcoming resistance and immunity. 
  • Fixed a weird interaction between Rogue's Evasion and Draconic Sorcerer's Elemental Affinity that would prevent Evasion from triggering.
  • Fixed Marksman Ranger's Fast Aim being completely busted and targeting every enemy you hit previously on your turn. It should now correctly only target the last enemy you attacked.
  • Fixed Barbarian's Rage not correctly ending when they don't attack nor take damage for a round. C'mon they're strong enough already in Solasta, no need for freebies.
  • Fixed an issue where some Kickstarter backers' names were overlapping in Caer Cyflen's monument
  • Fixed an issue where ability scores would sometimes be unable to go above 20 even when intended (like with a Potion of Cloud Giant Strength)
  • Fixed Judgment Paladin's Aura of Righteousness not providing its bonus correctly on spells with multiple projectiles
  • Creatures under the effect of Hideous Laughter will now properly roll a saving throw with advantage when damaged
  • Fixed a case where characters would not become immune to Dragons' Frightful Presence after succeeding their saving throw
  • Fixed A Giant Step (Lost Valley) being stuck if you free Rugan after failing a Persuasion check
  • Fixed Grappled / Constricted conditions not being correctly removed if the character is forcefully moved (teleport / shove / etc). 
  • Flying units do not instantly die anymore.
  • Fixed a rare case where Kindred Druids' pet would lose their damage bonus. 
  • Fixed a couple of animation delays that would occur in special circumstances with opportunity attacks, prone opponents etc.
  • Fixed an issue where The Prisoner (Lost Valley) could soft lock if you killed Orenetis prior to starting the quest
  • Failing to convince Orenetis in an important dialog towards the end of the game will trigger the battle as intended
  • Attacking Marin Ving at the end of the game will teleport Cafrain to the combat so he no longer blocks the fight by being out of reach
  • Fixed Oblivion Cleric's Herald of Pain's saving throw to trigger at the end of the enemy's turn instead of the beginning. 
  • Spells cast from inside a Globe of Invulnerability can longer be counterspelled from outside
  • Fixed crafted item disappearing if the crafter is over-encumbered when the crafting completes
  • Fixed being able to cast Black Tentacles in the air
  • Fixed not being able to leave Black Tentacles' area of effect after failing a saving throw once. What is it with you, Black Tentacles? Why are you causing so many problems?
  • Fixed some calculations which made certain spells range slightly lower than intended
  • Fixed Pass Without Trace missing from the Druid's spell list
  • Fixed a bug where Mardracht would be missing from his own cutscenes .

Multiplayer Fixes / Improvements (Free):

  • Fixed a bug where items could disappear when using "Loot All" if it would make the character over-encumbered
  • Fixed a desync that could occur when a player triggered fast travel while already moving through the blueprint
  • Fixed more desyncs that could occur when manipulating items in the inventory
  • Fixed a rare issue where the party could get stuck in a location if the host tried to leave the area exactly when another player started interacting with something else
  • Fixed another desync that could happen when giving items to the different factions
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent players from joining a lobby when the password was more than 20 characters. Wow those are some long passwords you got there.
  • Fixed a desync that could occur if a narrative sequence triggered while one person is still loading
  • Fixed a funny bug where if a shop is opened while you're checking another player's inventory, both character models would fuse into some nightmarish amalgamation. Ed...ward?
  • Fixed an item duplication exploit which could trigger when multiple players had their inventory open at the same time
  • Clicking on a player's position icon will now move the camera to them
  • Fixed pinging on controller sending multiple pings at once

Dungeon Maker Bug Fixes / Improvements (Free):

  • When playing Custom Campaigns, the game will now also auto-save after changing location / finishing a long rest (5 min cooldown)
  • Fixed the camera behaviour while in dialog in Custom Dungeons
  • It is no longer possible to name a Custom Monster with an existing internal monster name, which would cause other custom campaigns using the same monster to be hidden. That one took some time to find out, thanks to every creator involved!
  • Mana Lamps can now be set as on or off in the Dungeon Maker
  • Fixed loading screens between locations always being the same
  • Fixed an issue where a dialog could be stuck if no matching role was found within the party
  • Added many monsters that were previously hidden in the Dungeon Maker
  • Added many items that were previously hidden in the Dungeon Maker

Hotfix Version 1.3.85

PC / Mac

  • Fixed being able to give Esfalad the Dryad Queen's head before starting The Dryad Queen quest, preventing from starting the Jungle Escort quest
  • Fixed the Waterfall exit area sometimes disappearing after entering the Hidden Caves in Verdant Valley
  • Fixed Halman Summer missing from a cutscene... making the dialog very, very strange.
  • Fixed a bug that could occur in Custom Dungeons if you spammed the skip button too quickly during dialogs
  • Added a messsage when trying to select a DLC class in Multiplayer when the host doesn't own the DLC.
  • Made some changes to improve movement smoothness in Multiplayer
  • Fixed an error that could occur when right clicking on an item while in a shop
  • Fixed more desyncs in Multiplayer, such as closing the inventory immediately after moving an item before the network validated the move, or playing around in the bestiary menu.
  • Fixed a rare case where starting a random encounter right before 8:00 AM and finishing it after 8:00 AM would prevent the exit area from appearing.
  • Fixed items not immediately appearing on the ground after being dropped in Multiplayer
  • Improve stability and added more safety nets to prevent potential crashes
  • Fixed the game sometimes displaying xbox controls in weird places without reasons
  • Fixed the Point Buy System being unavailable due to its icon being replaced by the male/female slider (wut?)
  • Fixed a scroll of Resurrection in the People's Hideout causing errors when looted
  • Fixed a freeze that would occur when a Druid in Wild Shape gets knocked unconscious by an attack of opportunity (both the animal shape and druid reaching 0 HP in one strike)
  • Made some optimization passes on Caer Hyfrid
  • Fixed a Ranger with Fast Aim and a +1 Longbow equipped losing their UI when entering combat


  • Made several optimization passes to improve Xbox performance, notably in areas such as Caer Hyfrid which could lead to crashes on Xbox One.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when entering certain cutscenes with a Kindred Spirit summoned
  • Fixed not being able to select usable powers during dialogs with the gamepad
  • Fixed not being able to select different options in the post-combat revive screen with the gamepad
  • Fixed not being able to select a location when reaching an exit area in some Custom Dungeons
  • Fixed Game Menu sometimes not being available with the gamepad
  • Fixed Ray of Frost VFX on Xbox
  • Fixed the A button becoming unresponsive on gamepad if the "Move with Right Click" setting is activated
  • Fixed radial menus sometimes being accessible during black screens which could cause errors
  • Fixed a rare bug where it would be impossible to interact with the statues in the fight against Zharon
  • Fixed a rare bug where the in-game light would become progressively brighter and brighter, until the entire world was consumed in light. Praise the sun!
  • Prevents using invalid file names when using a controller for text input
  • Fixed pinging with a gamepad generating five pings at once, this isn't Apex or League of Legends
  • Fixed certain areas in Caer Hyfrid, Cemetary, Research Complex and Copparan Mines being hard to reach with the gamepad
  • Fixed pressing RT & LT at the same time opening both radial menus... forever. Releasing the buttons won't release you from your torments.
  • Improved navigation with gamepad when selecting feats.
  • Fixed being able to control the host character in multiplayer by opening the inventory immediately after ending your turn (how do you even find those exploits)
  • Fixed two hidden doors in Underground Ruins being permanently highlighted after being opened.
  • Fixed one stone pillar in Underground Ruins (Lost Temple) being impossible to interact with
  • Fixed the location tooltip sometimes overlapping the travel journal on the world map
  • Scrolling down in the merchant item list should now work as intended
  • Fixed missing environment under the Mana Generator in the Dark Laboratory
  • Fixed gamepad guides sometimes appearing during cutscenes


Hotfix Version 1.2.11 Available Now

Modding & Crashes

We'd like to remind everyone that mods - although very fun and great to have - can usually become unstable after a large update (like the one we just did with the Primal Calling DLC). We're seeing a lot of crashes caused by using outdated mods, or trying to load save files that used mods that are now outdated.

In case you're running into crashes, please make sure you disable all your mods and start a new game. We unfortunately can't guarantee that any save that were made with active mods will load properly, as they are unofficial content.


  • You can now control your proxy spells (i.e. Call Lightning) while in Wild Shape (Druid)
  • Using Mana Drain (Sorcerer) after performing a Sorcery Point to Spell Slot conversion will no longer crash the game.
  • Fixed RNG seed not being reset after the 1st load. Random is now random again!
  • Wild Shape (Druid) selection panel now closes when you switch between characters
  • Fixed a bug where Kindred Spirits (Druid) would no longer move in the Caer Lem Caves after crossing the rotating bridge
  • Fixed a very specific bug that could occur if Daliat is still alive when entering Caer Cyflen At War.
  • Fixed a minor bug that could occur when quickloading while a character is moving
  • Dungeon Maker: Fixed not being able to save in Custom Maps that contain Roll Activators, Plate Activators, Banter NPCs and Teleporter Gadgets.
  • Dungeon Maker: Time Activators can now be enabled / disabled via other Activators
  • Dungeon Maker: Removed some monsters and items that were not intended to be visible (they don't even work in the first place).
  • Dungeon Maker: Fixed Roll Activator not being highlighted as interactable environment
  • Dungeon Maker: Fixed a crash that would occur when trying to publish something with no dungeon or campaign selected
  • Dungeon Maker: Fixed simple doors so that you don't get an error message every time an activator targets one.

If you're running into bugs or other issues, please make sure to read our Help Thread to help us find them and squish 'em for good! You can also drop by our Discord server to ask other players for help :D



Solasta 1.1.4 Sorcerer Update - 7/13/2021

Important Information! 

  • Added Russian & Brazilian Portuguese localization
  • Please make sure to remove / deactivate all your mods! Large updates will often conflict with existing mods, so mods may very well break the game if you don't deactivate them - leading to frequent crashes and / or other issues.
  • This also means loading a save of a run where you had mods enabled will probably break. 
  • If you run into a bug, a list of known issues is available at the bottom of the Patch Notes




Class & Gameplay 

  • Added Ironman Mode to the difficulty setting. Ironman Mode can only be selected when you start a new campaign, and can't be turned off - you only get a single save file, and it gets deleted on a game over!
  • Added the Sorcerer Class to the Character Creator (Draconic Bloodline, Mana Painter, Child of the Rift)
  • Sorcerers have access to additional facial customizations, currently unavailable for other classes (but we're looking into it for the future!)
  • Rangers can now replace one known spell when they level up
  • Fixed Rangers sometimes not getting the correct favored enemy / terrain they selected at level 6
  • Fixed Champion Fighter's 2nd fighting style overwriting the 1st at level 10
  • Fixed Rogue missing their ASI at level 10
  • Fixed not being able to level up as a wizard if you already knew all the spells available
  • Fixed Fighters not being able to dash twice with Action Surge
  • Fixed Paladins starting with javelins equipped instead of their longsword
  • Fixed dwarves getting slowed by wearing heavy armor when their strength is below requirement
  • Fixed Creed of Arun sharing the same text with Ambidextrous


Spells & Magic

  • Spells can now be upcasted even if they don't scale. This option only appears when you're out of spell slots for that specific spell level
  • Added Dominate Beast Spell (level 4)
  • High CR Soraks can no longer be affected by Calm Emotion
  • Fixed Aid not being dispelled when traveling on the World Map
  • Fixed Aid sometimes making you lose health (wut?)
  • Fixed Heroism Spell not displaying the correct values in the tooltip
  • Fixed Heroism not working as it should
  • Fixed Pass without Trace granting +20 instead of +10 on Stealth Checks, effectively rendering all enemies blind outside combat
  • Detect Magic now keeps detecting magic as long as you concentrate on the spell. As opposed to, you know, only working when cast and then sit there pretending to be important, eating your concentration and sleeping on your couch.
  • Fixed Bane not working as it should
  • Fixed Slow granting a bonus to dex saving throws instead of a penalty… yeaaaaa…...
  • Fixed Grease & Protection from Energy scaling with higher level spellslots since they are not supposed to


Items & Equipment

  • Disabled auto-equip! Your party will no longer sneakily equip this random unidentified magical item lying on the ground. Most wise!
  • Fixed an issue where the party chest would become unusable. Simply leave and re-enter Caer Cyflen to fix it.
  • Fixed Tome of Understanding not being usable
  • Fixed Potions using your concentration, that's not how it's supposed to work!
  • Fixed an exploit where you could drop attuned items in chests while keeping the magic item's bonus… you sly dogs… Magic items now lose attunement when dropped in a container
  • Fixed Staff of Metis not recharging at dawn
  • Staff of Metis is now blue like it was originally intended to be, and now has a teensy bit of VFX as well!
  • Fixed Primed Chain Shirt not being available in the Arcaneum Shop
  • Fixed being able to drink Spider Venom as if it were a health potion. Weirdos.
  • Fixed spells with multiple options (Eyebite, Fire Wall…) not working correctly when cast using scrolls or magic items
  • Opening readable items should now correctly focus on the beginning instead of the end of the text. Because that's how you're supposed to read letters
  • Fixed the Book of All Things' tooltip
  • Fixed Encumbrance sometimes being wonky when splitting stack of items
  • Fixed some scrolls not having the right icons
  • Fixed being able to scribe a scroll and use magic items while being on a shop screen, which is fairly rude to the merchant (and also caused quite a few issues)
  • Fixed Greataxe of Sharpness dealing 1d8 extra lightning damage
  • Fixed some magic weapons giving double the bonus they were supposed to give
  • Fixed Cog of Cohh again. Wishing him a pleasant trip to Eorzea!


Quests & Story

  • Fixed being able to interact with the gem under the dragon if you had enough stealth in the Conjuration Main Quest, blocking progression as it teleported you before getting crucial information. If you had that bug, you must load a save before the event specified here to unblock yourself.
  • Fixed Brok not being where Brok should be when party brings Axe to Brok. Brok apologizes, Brok got distracted.
  • Brok and Kebra will no longer follow you if you leave the volcano right after freeing Brok
  • The rotating bridge in the caves of Caer Lem now resets each time you enter the caves to avoid blocking a portion of the level. Who resets it? Uuuuhhhh I guess Soraks?
  • Fixed a rare issue where Master Dackin would decide to take some vacations, and thus prevent the party from playing the Academic Background Quest
  • Fixed Master Dackin being in two places at once after you complete the Academic Background Quest. It's simple. We kill the doppelganger.
  • Fixed being unable to complete the Lowlife Background Quest if you cast Knock on the chest. Magic is cheating!
  • Fixed Nel becoming very confused in the Lowlife Background Quest if your entire party attempted to open the chest repeatedly.
  • Reworked a couple of cutscenes, notably fixing a couple of camera shots that used to show you walls instead of your party (it's art, you wouldn't understand it)
  • Fixed some quest markers not pointing to the right place (damn NPCs are so unclear with their directions)
  • Fixed the Legendary Quest completing before the end of the fight. Don't count your chickens before they hatch, folks.
  • Maddy can no longer raise your faction points above 14 when you greet her, no matter how polite you are
  • You can now leave the Legendary Quest location instead of being forced to finish it once you arrive to the temple
  • Fixed a bug where a party member could get stuck after a cutscene in the Lawkeeper Background Quest
  • Fixed a quest item sometimes not being interactable in the Goblin Culture side quest
  • Fixed the Spider Queen sometimes appearing as both dead and alive after loading a save (Schrodinger's Spider, much scarier than his cat)
  • Fixed a very rare bug where your crown could disappear if the wearer was over encumbered at a very specific moment in the game


Monsters & Combat

  • Fixed Bonus Action spells incorrectly using a Main Action when cast to start a fight (often seen with Hunter's Mark)
  • Fixed an issue with Minotaurs being stuck in their charge animation sometimes
  • Fixed death fall animation on elementals
  • A dying character will no longer roll -1 on their death saving throw when receiving damage. Negative values on a D20 are not a thing (yet)
  • Fixed a couple of combat animations that were looking weird
  • Fixed a rare freeze when multiple groups of creatures would try to start combat at the same time. Everyone, get in here!
  • Fixed a rare bug where you could break the game by killing the last enemy in a fight with Spiritual Weapon or Flaming Sphere right before a cutscene triggers
  • Fixed one poor Fire Elemental being stuck in a particular fight in Lava Forest
  • Fixed some monsters not correctly looping their idle animation in the bestiary


Exploration & Misc.

  • Characters with very low Constitution modifier will no longer lose HP when doing a short rest (minimum healing is still 0 though, as per RAW)
  • Fixed not being to fly over small gaps in some locations such as inside the Tirmarian Tower (Caer Lem). If you find other places where this happens, send us a screenshot and tell us where that is!
  • Fixed a potential crash when entering / leaving / re-entering Earcorn location
  • Party members would sometime say the same thing at the same time when clicking an interactable item while exploring. This should now be fixed.
  • Relaxed camera restrictions in planar mode when mouse pointer is above non traversable terrain (like death pits or outside playable area)
  • Fixed a rare bug where the Victory text would stay in the middle of the screen after combat. Because it's a little hard to play like that.
  • Added Environmental VFX in many locations
  • Added missing audio in a couple of places
  • Fixed large squares showing up when targeting Lava Bulbs
  • Fixed some lighting issues in a couple of locations
  • Fixed a couple of clipping issues with hair & armor
  • Fixed some doors not being openable even though they were highlighted when pressing ALT
  • Fixed some doors appearing as locked on the blueprint map even after being opened


Dungeon Maker

  • Added 2 campaigns made by Tactical Adventures (Dun Cuin & Caer Falcarn) to the Dungeon Maker folder for new players & modders. Note that if you delete them, they are also available in the Steam Workshop if you want to re-download them at a later date. 
  • Added the Sewer Environment to the Dungeon Maker
  • Added the Woodland Environment to the Dungeon Maker
  • Added the Catacomb Environment to the Dungeon Maker
  • Added several new visual mood options to in the Dungeon Maker
  • Added the Brimstone Viper (M), the Windsnake (M) and the Earth Elemental (L) in Dungeon Maker monster spawners
  • Added a ton of magic weapons & armors in the dungeon maker item list (chest)
  • Traps in the Dungeon Maker should now have VFX
  • Zealots now correctly appear in the Large Monster Spawner instead of the Medium Monster Spawner in the Dungeon Maker
  • Fixed name filter not working correctly in the Dungeon Maker chests & monster spawners
  • Fixed an issue that would corrupt characters when exported at the end of a Dungeon Maker map when they would be attuned to magic items or have an active magical effect on a worn item (like Light)
  • Fixed being unable to upload a Dungeon Maker Map if you already uploaded it and deleted it from the Steam Workshop previously
  • Added support for non-Steam versions of Solasta


Known Issues

  • Opening your inventory via the spell "Identify", then opening another tab (spells, skills...) and then coming back to inventory will prevent clicking on the items to identify (but why would you do that?). Simply cancel the spell and cast it again if that happens to you. 
  • Hector, the pre-made Sorcerer, somehow knows Guiding Bolt twice (one for each hand). Unfortunately since Guiding Bolt is outside of regular Sorcerers' jurisdiction, you won't be able to unlearn it either. We'll be fixing that soon, but know that if you do decide to start an adventure with this version of Hector, he'll have two Guiding Bolts until the end (as we can't change the spell list of characters that are already in an adventure). Still, you can love him nonetheless.
  • We uh... we broke the spell Protection from Energy. Just don't use it, it's not going to do anything when cast. Sorry, we'll be working on fixing it asap. 
  • We have noted an issue that can happen while in combat - some attack buttons may sometimes disappear at random during combat. When that happens, you may become unable to load save files (it will give you "data corruption" error), but re-starting the game will fix that (your saves aren't actually corrupted, the message is just wrong)We are already working on a fix that should be available in the upcoming days. 


Solasta 1.0.18 Hotfix - 5/31/2021

Major Fixes

  • Fixed a "white dice" appearing when attacking multiple times too quickly
  • Dungeon Maker: You can now add a Thumbnail to your Custom Dungeon when uploading them by having a .png or .jpg file with the same name than that of your dungeon in the custom dungeon folder.
  • Fixed AI sometimes using a bonus action to do an additional main action attack instead. AI be cheating. DM does not approve.
  • Fixed an issue with the Arena Quest where the door could get stuck, blocking quest progression
  • Fixed magic items crafted or bought from vendors sometimes not being identified. Mystery potion! Gotta love them!
  • Crafting Tooltip now displays the crafted item tooltip even if missing the ingredients
  • Fixed some issues with Chinese Localization
  • Fixed some long duration AoE spells not being visible when cast directly on a character
  • All in-game backer items are now identified by default
  • Fixed 6 League Boots incorrectly doubling your movement speed instead of giving you an additional cell of movement
  • Fixed Dwarven Bread not being equippable. Get that +1 CON Bonus!
  • Fixed Early Bird not working properly. It showed the initiative bonus but it didn't give any. What a scam
  • Fixed Cog of Cohh not properly giving +2 CHA
  • Re-added a missing cutscene in Halman's House
  • Counterspell can now correctly fail when targeting spells above level 3
  • Fixed Acid Arrow "acidified" condition sometimes being removed too early
  • Added Arrow parts to Gorim's Store
  • Fixed a HUGE missing component of the end game fight. Really huge. Like, physically huge.

Minor Fixes

  • Fixed female halfling animations going banana and clipping all over the place
  • Fixed Flying Snakes and Fire Osprey moving multiple times after attacking for no particular reason
  • Fixed Ray of Enfeeblement projectile moving super slowly
  • Fixed Strike of Oblivion color to match Necrotic damage
  • Fixed missing VFX & Light on Sacred Weapon
  • Added a Dodge animation to Eagle Matriarchs
  • Changed Crossbow Bolt icons to avoid mistaking them with Arrows
  • Added an Idle animation in combat to Ghasts
  • Fixed a certain Schrödinger boss incorrectly being displayed as both dead and alive after loading a save
  • Fixed a lighting issue on the Character Portrait & Inventory
  • Fixed an error that could trigger at the end of the Lowlife Background QUest
  • Tome of All Things is now a Quest Item
  • Added a missing quest marker to a certain mansion
  • Fixed attack animation while flying
  • Fixed Pheromone duration being incorrectly calculated after loading a save
  • Fixed a tooltip issue when hovering above the Armor Class value
  • Updated Maul icon
  • Fixed characters shadows sometimes missing in some cutscenes
  • Fixed an error that would trigger in Caer Lem if no one can read Ancient Tirmarian (should have paid attention in class)
  • Fixed some lipsync issues
  • Fixed some doors not being placed in their correct spot
  • Fixed a certain backer document not displaying the proper content
  • Fixed some pathfinding issue in a certain quest late game
  • Monsters in one specific fight are now immune to lightning. Because teamkilling half of your minions isn't a particular wise move
  • Fixed one haircut magically hovering above the character's head
  • Fixed missing quest marker not appearing in the Spy Background Quest
  • Added missing waypoints to Gallivan & New Empire Embassies
  • Cleaned up some spell tooltips that displayed unnecessary / wrong information
  • Revivy & Raise Dead tooltip no longer show "Unknown Effect". We all know what it does. Unknown my butt
  • Fixed Skybox missing in Monastery
  • Half Plate +1 now correctly has Stealth Disadvantage
  • Fixed Mage Armor not being castable more than once
  • Traps no longer trigger when the attempt to disarm them fail in the Dungeon Maker
  • Fixed Armor of Survival tooltip not appearing
  • Fixed an issue where buying back scrolls from merchants could cause a crash



Spring Update Hotfix - 3/29/2021


  • Fix being unable to save
  • Fix being unable to load after a game over
  • Fix being unable to leave Caer Cyflen after the tutorial (you may need to load a previous save)
  • Fix some crashes occurring when using the Dungeon Maker
  • Fix Sorak Saboteurs having Sneak Attack when they are supposed to
  • Fix a crash when starting a fight via proxy spell (like Dancing Light or Flaming Sphere)
  • Fix some other rare crashes


Spring Update - 3/25/2021

  • Added Dungeon Maker
  • The Dungeon Maker in Solasta: Crown of the Magister is a brand new in-game building tool that enables players to create their very own dungeons, and share them with other players. The Dungeon Maker is an editor that provides fundamental elements such as rooms, traps, monsters, and treasures, for players to arrange and connect together into their own journey. If the player desires, they can even connect their own dungeon with other dungeons to form a mega-adventure.

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    • Anonymous

      Can you please fix the profanity filter when creating dialog in Dungeon Maker. It seems to mainly be a problem on the Game Pass version of the game, it filters common words like pass and night.

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