Factions in Solasta: Crown of the Magister is a representation of different groups of individuals that has its own beliefs, interests, allies, and enemies. Different factions usually, will give the player various quests, information regarding the lore, unique items, weapons, as well as different outcomes. During your adventures, you will meet people from various factions. Good relations with a faction can bring many advantages. You improve your relations with a faction by doing jobs for them or promoting their interests. This page covers a list of all the factions in Solasta: Crown of the Magister.


Solasta Factions


Early Access


The Guild of Antiquarians grew up as an informal information-sharing networking within the Snow Alliance, composed of those explorers and scholars interpid enough to study the Marches.


The Arcaneum is the magical arm of the New Empire, descended from an Old Empire Organization of the same name.

Circle of Danatar

The Circle grew up in the Principality of Masgarth as a school for adventures, out of a minor magic school from the Old Empire.


Principality of Masgarth

Located close to a strategic pass into the Badlands, the principality came under pressure from its neighbors.


The scavengers are a neutral organization based in the Principality of Masgarth. They travel the Marches and the Badlands, visiting locations that have been cleared by adventures and recovering any remaining loot.

Tower of Knowledge

The Tower of Knowledge is based in the kingdom of Gallivan. It began several centuries ago as a local effort to preserve and recover the lost knowledge of the Manacalon Empire.

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    • 28 Oct 2020 00:35  

      No one put up anything on Factions. It took me a while to figure all of this out. But it appears as follows:
      Sympathy = 15 - 34 Reputation.
      Alliance = 35 -54 Reputation
      Brotherhood = 55+

      In Early Access, it appears as though the following is the best Min - Max wise, and not so much flavor wise. Flavor wise is completely up to personal taste. I failed to open 2 boxes in Goblin Camp. 1 is glitched in Bone Tower. However after playing through twice, I can confirm that you can get the following faction reputations.

      Principality of Masgarth = 30 (Think this is default, buys you nothing. Not sure if you can improve this either.)

      Arcaneum 55+ = Can buy Belt of Giant Strength, Belt of Dwarvenkind, Ring of Protection (+1), Broach of Shielding (Immune to magic missles), Staff of Fire (Firewall, and Fireball charges only Wizard can equip.), Staff of Lightning (Think is Glitched.), Staff of Magic Missile.

      Antiquarians 35+ = Can buy +1 Shields, +1 Crossbow bolts, +1 Arrows.

      Tower of Knowledge = Can buy most of the Craft Scroll Recipes but not Fireball Scroll and the good ones. Can even Craft Potion of Heroism but it is a Paladin Spell.

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