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Malariel Brogarad

Dominion is a Faction from the Lost Valley DLC in Solasta: Crown of the Magister. Factions are a representation of different groups of individuals that has their own beliefs, interests, allies, and enemies. Different factions usually, will give the player various quests, information regarding the lore, unique items, weapons, as well as different outcomes. During your adventures, you will meet people from various factions. Good relations with a faction can bring many advantages. You improve your relations with a faction by doing jobs for them or promoting their interests.


The faction of the valley's ruler


Dominion Information

Lord Protector Orenetis rules the valley with an iron hand. Serve him and he will give you what you desire and make you rich, but you'll have to pay a price of another kind. He doesn't tolerate disobedience and may push you to carry out acts that you may find unacceptable. 


Dominion Related Quests


Dominion Solasta Tips & Builds

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