Accessories in Solasta: Crown of the Magister is an extension of a player's equipment.  Accessories are sorted into different equipable slots and can be viewed in the Equipment menu of each character. They grant different buffs and effects that can benefit in battle and during exploration. Accessories can be obtained in different ways, such as by looting chests, dropped by killed Enemies or Bosses, given by NPCs, and are acquired as a reward for completing a Quest. This page covers a list of all the Accessories that can be found in the game.

Accessory Slots in Solasta

This are additional items that can be equipped from the Inventory onto the slots viewed on your equipment menu tab. From here, your main equipment pieces will be listed as Primary and Secondary equipment which will usually hold your main weapons and Armor. Additional items like accessories are fitted onto first and second slots and are usually sorted from hand, finger, neck, arm, wrist, legs, feet slots and would even fit additional Items that aren't classified as accessories such as backpacks, Tools and Consumables. 

How to get Accessories in Solasta

Much like other loot found in the game, accessories can be found in specific locations around the maps in sacks and baskets or looted from Enemies after combat. Rarer Items may need to be earned as rewards or can be purchased from specific Merchants and NPCs. Halman Summer in Caer Cyflen is an NPC form the main campaign that represents the Antiquarian Faction and holds a number of rare Items. Gain favor with the Antiquarians and you may have additional benefits or access to more of his inventory. Depending on your progress on the main campaign of Solasta, he can be found in front of the Legacy Council, other times he will be located around the Snow Alliance Embassy in Caer Cyflen



Solasta All Accessories 

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Name Effect Value Weight
Circlet of Blasting Cast Scorching Ray (1 charge) 800 gold currency icon solasta wiki guide 0.5
Brooch of Shielding Immune to Magic Missile Spell. 55 gold currency icon solasta wiki guide 0.1
Holy Symbol (Amulet) Allows the wielder to cast Spells that require the material component. gold currency icon solasta wiki guide 0.5
Amulet of Health Your Constitution score is 19 while you wear this amulet. Does not apply any effect if your CON is 19 or above. 750 gold currency icon solasta wiki guide 0.1
Sigil Ring No Effect 10 gold currency icon solasta wiki guide 0.1
Ring of Darkvision Grants Darkvision: See normally in dim light, and in natural darkness. 500 gold currency icon solasta wiki guide 0.1
Ring of Feather Falling Cannot be hurt by falls. 500 gold currency icon solasta wiki guide 0.1
Magic Ring ?? ?? ??
Ring of Free Action ?? ?? ??
Ring of Invisibility ?? ?? ??
Ring of Protection +1 ?? ?? ??
Ring of Resistance to Cold ?? ?? ??
Ring of Resistance to Fire ?? ?? ??
Ring of Resistance to Necrotic ?? ?? ??
Ring of Resistance to Poison ?? ?? ??
Amulet of Health ?? ?? ??
Necklace of Fireballs ?? ?? ??
Periapt of Health ?? ?? ??
Periapt of Proof Against Poison ?? ?? ??

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      Hi, anyone experienced at 5e table top could you explain the lack of +1 attribute accessories? They all seem to be substituted for "attune to set attribute to x" (19 through 25).

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