Tannerson Estate


Heritage of Distrust



Tannerson Estate is a Location in Solasta: Crown of the Magister. Solasta: Crown of the Magister is set a thousand years after a catastrophic Cataclysm resulting in the birth of new young nations around the affected areas along with the destruction of others. These regions and nations are where players will discover ruins and forgotten dungeons, encounter new foes and characters, and embark on different quests. 


The mansion and its gardens are the main prize of Tannerson's heritage. The finalization of the will is going to take place there.


Tannerson Estate Information

Located just east of Caer Cyflen, this estate is the home of the aristocratic family, the Tannersons. After the death of Joan Tannerson, she left a will and heritage including the estate to someone else which left the Tannerson siblings, Drew, Lyria and Adria squabbling for the will. This is where the Heritage of Distrust takes place and a member of the party decides the fate of the will. 



Tannerson Estate Notes & Tips

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