Gem Quest: The Dark Castle

Type Main Quest
Act ???
Location Possible Gem Location
Reward/s Necromancer Gem

Gem Quest: The Dark Castle is a Main Quest in Solasta: Crown of the Magister. Quests are different tasks and missions that a player can acquire and partake in throughout the game, quests are usually unlocked through the main campaign, during a series of events, or are given by certain NPCs. Completing a quest also grants various rewards that can aid the player throughout their journey.


Gem Quest: The Dark Castle Objectives

Follow the Crownbearer's Intuition 
  • Description
Enter the Castle's Courtyard
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Enter the Castle's Keep 
Find Another Way In
Explore the Tunnels 
Get to the Next Floor
Locate the Master
  • Search the lair and see if the Master is here. 
Find a way out of the Maze
  • Find how to exit the maze, probably the last line of defense of the master, Take time, think it through, and look for clues while you explore.  
 Find the Master and the Gem
  • Question the Master about the gem's location


Gem Quest: The Dark Castle Walkthrough

This quest begins at the end of the Main Quest, Report to the Council. A new location will be available for fast travel to begin this quest. Fast travel to Possible Gem Location, which will be found southwest on the map. 


After the Legacy Council meeting, travel to the place that the crownbearer is being drawn to and search for a gem. Prepare for your journey by clearing your inventory and selling any unwanted items to clear up some space. Take a long rest if needed. When you are ready leave the area and Fast travel to the "Possible Gem Location" far southwest on the map. You will probably encounter a few battles on the way to the location. 

Once you are at the Possible Gem Location, explore the are in Cautious Mode. Stay to the right with the interactable tree going north and you will come across a lootable basket. It will contain an unidentified Potion and some Ammunition. Continue down the path west until you reach the bridge to the Castle.

Heading left of the bridge first (south) will eventually lead you to a campfire and a cutscene introduction. If you decide to talk to him, you will need to undergo an Insight check. His name is Talbut the Grey. He will mention that he deals with the guard captain and exchanges information for hunting permission. He will also mention that there will be a ghost dwarf in the area. You will need to locate him to activate and complete the secondary mission, Angbi's Bones. A new waypoint will be added so you will be able to travel to this point, the Pond when you open your map. 

Before you leave the area, loot the basket found at the outside corner of the cabin. It will be on the west side. Be careful when lingering around him as you can trigger a battle sequence against him and his wolves. This basket will contain A Pile of Bones needed for your secondary quest later on. The box basket outside will have a Scroll, x4 Ration Pouch, and x4 Torch along with more Ingredients.  Go ahead and lock pick his cabin and loot the crates inside for some Ingredients and Scrolls. The Library shelf will contain a Potion of Healing and more ingredients. 

Another notable location is the northern area of the Castle. There will be a campfire rest point for use should you need to take a rest a Sapphire, A Scroll, Ingredients, Animal Figurines, Ration Pouch, Exquisite Robe, and coins.   

  • Also North of the castle, past the campfire while keeping to the left is the Cemetery where you will find Angbi Kramsson the Ghost Dwarf. You could ask him for information about the castle and also begin the Quest, Angbi's Bones. 
  • The third set of bones is located in a basket in the area near him. The second set is from the basket we came across at the corner of Talbut the Grey's cabin. The first set will be within the Castle Courtyard. It will be in a basket located in one of the rooms of the Keep. The courtyard can be accessed through the crypt in the cemetery as well, but a battle cannot be avoided. Once all three are obtained, you can return to Caer Cyflen at a later time and return the Bones to Halman Summer of the Antiquarians to complete the secondary quest. 
    Loot the Cemetary area for more valuable gems and Ingredients. The crypt will also lead to another route into the castle keep. 

When entering the Castle's Courtyard you may enter directly through the bridge or through the crypt in the cemetery. Either route will lead to battle. The first sequence will end in a cutscene against the Skeleton guard leader. Fail any of the checks and you will enter another battle. If entering through the main bridge, the cutscene will take you out and you will still have to enter through the cemetery crypt. 

Enter the Keep to enter another battle against some ghouls. Attempt to stay lit as much as possible during battle. Complete the battle and explore the area. This area connects to the castle courtyard. Loot the baskets in the area. You will mostly find basic gems, Ingredients, and coins, but one of them will contain a Wand. When you are done, to the Northwest corner there will be a highlighted area in front of a drain. This is where you can leave the area and enter the castle. 

Once you are in the castle, you will find yourself in an empty dark room.  Behind you, in the northeastern direction of the room, there will be an interactable book on the bookshelf. Interact with it to trigger the secret wall passage to open next to the doors. Before you leave, you can take a flight of stairs in the room going up. This will lead to a lootable bookshelf that contains more gems, Scrolls, and a Rapier. Approach the open passage to enter a Battle against the Zombies. When you have completed the battle and looted the area, continue. Light the lamps in the area. Open the north set of doors to move on and prepare for another Zombie battle. 

Loot the area when you are done. Aside from the regular items, you will also find a silver chalice. Open the cell gates toward the northern side of the room and you will find some valuable items. The first cell on the left will contain a Sapphire,  a Gold Locket, Jeweled Chalice, Ivory Statuette, Bronze Crown, Animal Figurines, and Lizzaria's Journal. In the main area, where the glowing table is, there are some lootable pots that will contain a Sapphire, Velvet Mask, Jeweled Bracelet, Jade Pendant, Ivory Statuette, Embroidered Silk Robe, and another one of Lizzaria's Journals. The crate under the flight of stairs will contain some Ingredients.  The Library Shelf will contain Acid, a Scroll, and more Ingredients. Loot the nightstand at the Southwest corner bedroom for a Blood Daffodil, an Amethyst, and another piece of Lizzaria's Journal. Double-check your map to see any unlooted baskets. 
Take a Long rest here. When you're done with the area follow the glowing dot on your compass and head to the northeast corner up the stairs. Activate the switch next to the cell gate and go through. Enter the highlighted area to get to the ladder that leads to the next floor. 

Locate the Master

You are now in a new area. Ground floor entrance is added as a new waypoint. Head south. Use the wooden structures to cross over the walls to loot each area. 

  • If you head southwest and reach a green exit door,  go down to complete a battle sequence and continue along until you reach a set of bookcases to loot in order to obtain Crafting Leather Armor of Survival and Crafting Breastplate of Deflection.

Return to the main area and complete the battle sequence with the creatures left. Light the mana lamps to help you stay lit during combat. Follow the red carpet. Head up the stairs and through the doors to the dimly lit areas. Reaching the end of the red carpet will lead you to another battle.  In the next room, there are bookshelves that can be looted. These will contain some Crafting Recipes. Go to the other end of the red carpet and climb the small section that leads to the next room under the arch. This is where you will find the blue glowing indicator that will lead you to the next room. Reach that area and open the doors to continue. This will lead to a cutscene with Aksha.  Succeed in the check to avoid a battle sequence. You need a teleporter to get to the next area. Go through the large set of doors and enter the area indicated by the blue glow to teleport to the next area.  

Find a way out of the Maze
  • Choice: Follow the Adventurer's Journal 
  • A New waypoint has been added: Teleporter 
  • First, loot the set of bookcases in the area, the end table, and the bed to obtain Crafting Doomblade Rapier, Crafting Doombladee Greatsword, Splendid Half Plate Armor, Magnificent Shield, Primed Rapier, and Aksha's Journal. 

Continue through the next door and use the teleporter to enter the maze.  Disable the traps in the area highlighted in red.

  • Loot the area thoroughly. In the west room, there will be a Previous Ring, Wand of Lightning Bolts, Handy Haversack, and an Adventurer's Journal to loot from a basket on the floor.

You will also notice some switches on the ground. The characters will say "I think that I have triggered something" when they are stepped on. Keep one character on a switch to open the gates to a room full of runes symbols and have the rest of the party continue. Face the south wall, interact with the stack of crates to move them, and reveal a crawl space hole to the next room. The last character can now use the room to access the room full of rune symbols to join the rest of the party. Have each character step on a switch in the circle to activate the next areas. This will reveal two teleport areas. Continue to the newly activated glowing teleporting platforms, start with the west one, and examine the runes to trigger another short cutscene.  You will be able to take the Depleted Rune off the wall. Use Thieve's Tools to unlock the cell gate and join the ghost inside. A quick battle will start. After that is complete,  loot the ghost's sack and take his Adventurer's Notes Journal. Read the journal and follow the instructions to find a way out.

Use the switch to open the gates. There will be an area to crawl through. It will lead you to a room with two teleporting spaces. In this area, there will also be another crate to loot next to the teleporter space. Take the teleporting switch with the arrow that points down to light the down arrow on the main platform. 

Follow the Adventurer's Journal to help you out of the Maze "Once we find the stairs we need to go down, then go up. After that she told us to turn right, go up then go down one more time." Follow this sequence to help with the rune puzzle. 

Notice the mechanical switches on the floor and take one character to activate the switch while the rest go through the cell gates leading to the room full of room symbols. From inside the room of runes, interact with the items on the south wall to move them aside and have the last character enter through the gated room and crawl through the now revealed hole. Have each character stand on one rune symbol each to reveal the next teleportation space. The two revealed spaces will take you to the stairs or the arrow pointing left. Follow the journal and first choose the teleportation space with the stairs symbol. 

Despite the journal instructions, you will need to take a few extra steps. The sequence is as follows: Stairs, ↓, ←, ↑, →, ↑ ,↓ In that order. This will allow all the arrows on the rune platform to light so you can continue.   

Once you take the stairs, Observe the plaque on the wall. After the cutscene, interact with it again to obtain a Depleted Rune. Crawl through to the cell area. Interact with the loot on the ground to trigger a short battle with the ghost. Loot the area again when you are done and you will obtain Adventurer's Notes, Gold Dragon Statuette, Remarkable Arrows, and more Ingredients.

Exit the cell area and enter the Dark space directly north of the cell. You will have to crawl through. This space will also have two teleportation spaces. Before teleporting out, loot the crate in the divided section of the room. Now choose the teleporter with the ↓ down symbol. This will take you to another area full of teleporters. Once you use the down arrow teleporter take the one with the arrow that points to the ← left on the higher floor. Disable the traps in your way. There will be two teleporter spaces in the area and the party members will have separated. Take the character within the center cell gate with the purple glow and trigger the switch inside the cell to keep that gate open. Disable the trap.

Gather the party members and take them to the ↑ up arrow. This will take you to the first area where you encountered the ghost. Return to the room with the teleporters and this time there will only be one available to use. Take the → right arrow teleporter. Take the ↑ up arrow again and then go back and take the ↓ down arrow. That will be the final arrow to light.

Return to the main rune platform with all the arrows. All arrows and symbols will now be lit. Interact with it to continue. This will take you to the next area nearby and will trigger a battle. 

  • Keeping rooms well-lit will benefit your characters from being affected by the darkness spells. Stay in the light. In rooms with chandeliers, you are able to shoot them down if there are enemies below to kill them.

After his defeat, there will be a switch on the floor next to where he was. This will open the cell gates to the next area, Push the crate in the purple glowing room down and climb down the other side towards the southern direction. You have found the way out of the maze!


Find the Master and the Gem

Complete the Battle against the Skeletal Knights and Archers. Try to get rid of the Archers first if possible. Keep the area well-lit during battle. Loot the area then continue.  Head south to the middle rooms and you will encounter a door with a switch. Activate the switch next to the door to continue. There will be basic armor to loot on the ground here as well. 

Activate the switches on the ground to get to the corner cell gated area with the staircase. Jump through the stone pillar platforms and get to the end to push the crate and make way. This location is also reachable through climbing. Entering this area will trigger another battle with an unknown creature. Loot after completing the battle and obtain Magnificent Leather Armor, more Adventurer's Notes, Acid, and other sellable items. You now also have access to the rune switch on the floor after he is defeated. While leaving one party member on the switch, take the others through the now open cell gates directly south. You can now go down and have one party member activate the switch in the center room to free the last character and have him join the rest.  You can now also all climb down to the next dark area with the flights of stairs and red carpet. 

Head up to the second floor. Heading immediately through the first door that leads to the darkroom will take you a step closer to meet with the master. Head to the other door if you want to continue looting and exploring.

Heading through the first door on the left that leads to a completely dark room will lead to a battle against more Skeletons- including a Skeletal Sorcerer. Complete the battle sequence and loot the area. This will give you access to the next set of doors through the room that will lead to the Master. Having any unsuccessful checks will lead to one more battle sequence against Master Mardracht and his minions. 

When the battle is complete, loot the area. You will find more Scrolls, Magnificent Bracers, and some ingredients. Enter one of the highlighted areas to exit the area. The Teleporter on the left will take you to a new part of the Castle - the Solar Tower where you can continue to loot bookshelves and gain the Poisoner's Kit if you haven't already. Once you are done with the Solar Tower, take the teleporter back and this time take the other teleporter out. The teleporter on the right will take you outside so you can enter exit the area. 

You can now travel to the next Possible Gem Location found on the map Northwest of Caer Lem Outpost to begin the next Main Quest, Gem Quest: The Monastery.


How to obtain Gem Quest: The Dark Castle

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Gem Quest: The Dark Castle Rewards and Loot

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Escape the Nautiloid Notes & Tips

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