Conjure Minor Elementals

Level 4 Conjuration
conjure minor elementals spell solasta wiki guide

Conjure elemental creatures under your command, which are dismissed when the spell ends or is broken.




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Casting Time



V, S


1 hour

Saving Throw


Subspell Effects

Conjure 1, 2, or 4 Elementals


Summoning, Concentration, Spell

At Higher Levels

Per 2 spell slots over IV: +1 summoned creature

Conjure Minor Elementals is a Spell in Solasta: Crown of the Magister. Conjure Minor Elementals is a Level 4 Spell. Spells can be cast by any Class that has Spellcasting, but not all Classes can cast every Spell. Spells in 5e DnD cost Spell Slots in order to use, and you must have an unused Spell Slot of the matching Level in order to cast this Spell. Many lower-level Spells can be cast using higher-level Spell Slots with increased benefits.



Conjure Minor Elementals Information

  • Spell Type: Level 4 Spell
  • Casting Time: Action
  • Spell Duration: 1 hour
  • Spell Effect: Conjure elemental creatures under your command, which are dismissed when the spell ends or is broken.

Spell Special Effects:

  • Conjure 1 Elemental: 1 elemental is conjured (CR 2)
  • Conjure 2 Elemental: 2 elementals are conjured (CR 1)
  • Conjure 4 Elemental: 4 elementals are conjured (CR 1/2)

Spell Components:

  • Verbal: This spell requires the chanting of mystic words.
  • Somatic: Requires a free use of at least one hand to perform this spell.



Conjure Minor Elementals Requirements

Listed below are the following Classes and/or Ancestries (Race) that can cast this spell:



Conjure Minor Elementals Tips & Builds

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  • Other Notes, Tips, and Trivia



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    • Anonymous

      Pretty useless just like most summons in this game. You can't control them and you can't even chose their element so what is the point of this? Having a dummy for ai to attack? I'd rather use the action and spell slot to make it so the enemy CAN'T attack at ALL.

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