The Renewal

Type Secondary Quest
Act Lost Valley DLC
Location Swamp (Location)
Reward(s) Forge Relation Improvement
New Crafting Options

The Renewal is a Secondary Quest from the Lost Valley DLC in Solasta: Crown of the Magister. Quests are different tasks and missions that a player can acquire and partake in throughout the game, quests are usually unlocked through the main campaign, during a series of events, or are given by certain NPCs. Completing a quest also grants various rewards that can aid the player throughout their journey. This is a Faction quest for the Forge. Completing this quest will increase your relationship with The Forge. Progressing in this quest will cause your relations with the Dominion to decrease to -100 and the Rebellion to -70.


The Renewal Objectives

Talk to Hasdrubal
Reach the Complex
Explore the Complex
Repair and Activate the Mana Generators 
Report to Hasdrubal
Infiltrate Orenetis' Palace

Find the Scepter


The Renewal Walkthrough

Progress in the Forge Faction quests and complete the The Renewal quest to activate the quest. 


Talk to Hasdrubal

Speak to Hasdrubal at the Forge camp in the Swamp (Location).
Your relations with the Rebellion will fall to -70.


Reach the Complex

Exit the location and travel to the Secret Facility that will be southwest of the Swamp on the map. 


Explore the Complex

Enter the Secret Facility and find a way in. Below is the shortened version of the quest instructions. For a turn by turn walkthrough on how to navigate the facility, view the notes and tips below or click here. You can enter through the main entrance and face the Dominion guards in the way. Once you have made your way into the facility, you will need to make your way down the the basement. This can be done either by going through the trapdoor or by locating thePyramid Prism Key within the Guard Quarters to be able to activate the Elevator down to the basement. 

main entrance map secret facility dlc lost valley solasta wiki guide 600px min

You can then make your way through the Underground area and locate the area to the tunnels. This will eventually take you to the Dark Laboratory where the Mana Generators are. 

dark lab map secret facility dlc lost valley solasta wiki guide 600px min min

Repair and Activate the Mana Generators 

From the Dark Laboratory, you will find yourself in between the two Mana Generator Rooms. 


Mana Generator

Enter the Mana Generator Room that is tinted blue. Interact with the large switch in the center of the room and you will find that the generator won't work. This will also give you a Mana Generator Fragment. Take the north doors in the area to the Dark Laboratory. Interact with the generator and they will say it won't work, but since you have the Mana Generator Fragment, interact with it a second time and that will fix it. Flip the Switches on both Mana Generator Rooms to activate them. 

mana generator blocked secret facility dlc lost valley solasta wiki guide 600px min min


For an in-depth way to navigate through the Facility while progressing through other available quests, click here. Once you have activated the Mana Generators, you may find a way to exit the Facililty. Make your way out through the Main Entrance.



Report to Hasdrubal

Travel to the Swamp (Location) and speak to Hasdrubal


Infiltrate Orenetis' Palace

Travel to Caer Hyfryd. Look through and enter through the new available entrance called the Secret Palace Entrance. Once you have arrived, this will take you into the palace area. Be ready for the battle. Face Orenetis and begin the battle. As his stats start to decrease advance towards the other eneies. You will also come across Malariel Brogarad. Continue to reposition your characters while prioritizing your attacks on Orenetis then Malariel as she approaches. Finaliel will also be here, with ranged magic attacks so be aware of his powers. Try to stay behind other NPC allies and they may take incoming damage rather than your characters. Slowly clear the bored. Better clear them one at a time rather than depleting each enemy HP separately. This objective will clear once you earn your victory in battle. 

Find the Scepter

The end of the battle will trigger a cutscene. Once it is through, pick up the scepter from the top of the table at the corner of the room. your HUD compass should be pointing you to it. It should be towards the north east if you are tracking the quest. This will complete the quest and will begin the next quest in the Forge Faction questline. This will be the same final quest as the Dominion Faction questline

scepter safe passage dlc lost valley solasta wiki guide 600px min



How to obtain The Renewal

  • This quests can be activated after purchasing and downloading the Lost Valley DLC then going through a series of the Forge Faction quests until you complete Meeting the Rebellion. This will immediately activate this quest.


The Renewal Rewards and Loot

  • The Forge Relation Improvement
  • New Forge Crafting Options if not completed


The Renewal Solasta Lost Valley DLC Notes & Tips

Below is the the ;onger version of how to navigate through the Research Facility and get through The Research Complex secondary quest.

Track your quest in order to have a location marker appear on hud compass. This should lead you towards the facility to the southeast. Upon arrival, you will be immediately met with a fork in the path, split by a line of rocks. Take the right path to take you in the direction of the marker. Push the boulder over in order to make your way through the narrow path. Continue taking the path down to the right, taking you south. There should be an opening between the rocks, moving you back north towards the facility. You should be met with a set of doors. This is the Facility's main entrance. 


Main Entrance

Interact with the doors and the Main Entrance Waypoint will be added to your map. Interact with Praetorian who will be right behind the set of doors. They will hand you the Main Key. Once you receive the key, you can proceed through the next send of doors behind her. You will be prompted with a few new objectives for The Research Complex quest.

At this point, you will have 3 new objective markers that will appear on your hud. In this first room, you will have a staircase that will lead to a closed gate. Remain on the same level and enter through the next set of doors. You will have three new waypoints that will be added. You will have access to the Guard Quarters, the Main Entrance and the Elevator.

 secret facility second floor dlc ost valley solasta wiki guide 600px min


Guard Quarters

Scroll North to find another set of stairs with an exit square. Take your adventurers to this exit and this will take you to the Guard Quarters on the second floor. Loot the area. At the south corner of this upper floor there will be an item for you to take which will begin another secondary quest, Elevator.  This is the Pyramid Prism Key required for the second quest. It will be on top of a box found next to the sack and barrel in the same corner. There will also be a sack positioned at the center of this wall with a Metallic Headband and a number of hatchets. 

At the east corner, you can also loot the Weapons Rack which will contain Greatsword +1, and other weapons and Armor. There will also be a set of doors next to it. Go through this set of doors and continue through the next set of doors directly in front. This will bring you to the Study Room 



Study Room

Loot this area. You can find a number of Scrolls by looting the bookshelves. Loot the first floor. When you're done with this floor, take the stairs up and examine the documents in this area. You may gain more information for your bestiary. Interact with the Mana Scholar in this area to begin another secondary quest, The Lost Book.

secret facility studyroom bookcase dlc ost valley solasta wiki guide 600px min

Open the next set of doors in this room and loot the chest. In this area, interact with the bookcase while facing directly south. It will reveal the boulder behind it which you can push through to unlock a new waypoint: Second Floor. You will find a note on the bookshelf " Access to the tunnels is currently blocked. Use the elevator if you need to reach the lower levels." Loot the chest next to it and search the desk to start and complete one objective for a new secondary quest.Move towards the next area directly west. There will be another exit point to go down the stairs. This will unlock a new waypoint: Living room.


Living Room

Highlight this area to reveal a door towards the north of this room. Enter through these next set of doors and you will find the Mana Scientist. You can loot the area he is in for a few Scrolls and a Mace. Speak to him to gain a new secondary quest: The Blue Potion.

Search the area including the rooms towards the west. To locate the Blue Potion, return back through the archway from where you interacted with the Mana Scientist to the west and go back down the stairs the Blue Potion can be obtained here. This will room will look like a kitchen. Highlight the objects in the room and loot it from the table. Return the Potion to the Scientist to complete the secondary quest. 

Before heading back back through exit point to get up the stairs. This time take the doors north to enter the hall just outside the Study Room. Move down the hall north and take the last doorway to the west. Move all the way forward till you reach the travel point and a staircase. Move up the staircase and enter through the bar gates. This will bring you into the Test Laboratory and will be added as a waypoint. 


Test Laboratory

Search for Notes

This room will be full of Dominion Soldiers, but should leave you unharmed if you are aligned with the Dominion Faction. The desk on the east side of the area will have the notes needed for your main objective. There area also two boxes with lit switches on them in this room. These switches control the cage doors in the area below.

Move all the way south and approach with caution to reveal any traps. The cell on the southwest corner will have a set of traps and a corpse to loot with a Magnificent Staff, Crossbow bolt x3. Return to the staircase going down and there will be a now accessible room directly north with a cell and a ladder in it.  Interact with the desk to obtain the documents needed for your quest. 


secret facility upper map dlc ost valley solasta wiki guide 600px min

Travel to the Second Floor Staircase to return back into the living room. Make your way to down the staircase north. Highlight the area to reveal any secret doorways that are hidden. Use Knock to get through. There will be a Guard Trainer pacing this area. There will also be a number of wolves who will remain friendly if you are in good relations with the Dominon. Loot the area and continue north past the cells and the last cell at the end will have a switch to interact with. This is where you can use the crystal key. Interact with it to complete the Elevator Quest and gain access to the Underground Levels. Using this elevator will also complete the objective to find more information about the complex. 

You will be tasked to explore the underground area. Explore and loot the area. According to your objective marker on your compass hud, from here, you need to make your way south, Take the doors in this room east. You may need to cast Knock to get through. Follow the rooms east till you reach a stair case. From here, pass through the arch north and loot the crate. Thre will be another set of stairs here, head to the upper floor and loot this area as well. The Weapons rack will contain coins, Large Belt, Magnificent Plate Armor and a Sword. There will also be a campfire in this room so take a rest if needed. When yo are done with area continue back to the hallway and go through the arch south. This will add a new Waypoint, Security Room. This will also begin a new objective. 


secret facility dining dlc ost valley solasta wiki guide 600px min

Security Room

Continue exploring the area and filling the map. Go south through the dining area. Loot the item on the long table placed towards the wall to obtain Cylinder Prism Key. From the dining hall take the doors east and there will be a wall with bars. Get through the gate to head north. This next room will have four banners and from here, you will need to take the doors west. This is where you will meet another Mana Scientist where another secondary quest will begin.

secret facility underground map dlc ost valley solasta wiki guide 600px

Take the staircase behind him north. Library will have some Crafting manuals for you to read. When you're done continue north loot the area. Return to the room with the Mana Scientist. There will be a ladder and a platform in the southeast corner of the room. The room directly south should also still be undiscovered. Take the platform to the room south, or click on this next room and your adventurers will find their way here. This will trigger a short cutscene. Loot this area and approach the barricaded door. Start removing the barricade one by one starting will the boulder at the very front. When the doors are cleared, open it and approach with caution to reveal the traps in the area. As you move past the traps, the next objective will begin. Continue with caution.


secret facility northern section dlc ost valley solasta wiki guide 600px min

Northern Section

Continue forward down this hall and a new waypoint, Northern Section. If you continue forward, you will begin a battle. While you are here, you can attack the creatures you see first to get the first attack in. You can do this while keeping some of your characters hidden. You will be facing a Mutant Minotaur and a Mutant Tiger Drake. Clear the Drake who will only have 39 HP and you can focus solely on the Minotaur who will stand at 142 HP. Since the area is so small, you can s

Stand your ground and continue to bombard it with your ranged attacks. There is a trap directly in front if you didn't step in too far. If you didn't approach past it, it will take a turn to pass the trap and take some damage and you can continue to attack until his hp is depleted. Clear the last trap and continue to be cautious. Highlight the area to find the interactable keyhole on the wall. Interact with it to begin a new quest

Secondary QuestThe Cylindrical Prism

You may need to return to the last campfire back at the Security Room to take another rest. Back at the northern section, continue down the tunnel till they are split, and proceed with caution. Take the west tunnel and prepare to face a battle. Journey deep enough to unlock a new waypoint, Test Subject Arena.


Test Subject Arena

Remain on the upper platform. Before you approach, observe the mutant's position and deal an AoE attack if available, if not, use any ranged attack to deal with the first move. You should be able to clear the Mutated Tiger Drake first then catch the others by surprise with this approach. You will have a Mutated Bulette that will have 157 HP and a Mutated Dryad with 84 HP. Another option is to deploy a summon to approach the arena and gain a better positioning without compromising your adventurer's higher ground. Clear them to continue. You may then explore the arena and loot the corpse to obtain the Sphere Prism Key, coins, Magnificent Shield, Scroll

Return to the upper floor tunnel and if you continue to the locked gate north, you will encounter the new waypoint: Major Gate Room. This will also begin a new secondary quest. 

Secondary QuestThe Sphere Prism Key

Since you have obtained the Key from the corpse, the first objective of The Sphere Prism Key will immediately be checked off. Enter this Gate to activate the quest. Enter the area to trigger a short cutscene. Follow the hallway east.

Major Gate Room

Interact with the Major Gate and it will complete an objective from the Major Gate Quest. Take the east hallway and use the switch. This will also complete The Security Gate if you haven't already. Past this gate is another with a switch towards the east. Use the Cylinder Prism Key here to complete The Cylindrical Prism.

secret facility cylindrical keyhole dlc lost valley solasta wiki guide 600px min

Once this gate is open, be cautious when entering the next area. You will be met with a battle that you will need to complete down the narrow hall. You will be facing a number of Mutant Tiger Drakes and a couple of Mutated Dryad enemies. You may keep your positions to allow them to approach. While they are condensed in this narrow area, deploy your AoE attacks if available. 

Once it is clear, follow the tunnels south and you will find your way to the Dark Lab. This will progress your Sabotage quest. In this location, you will be given three more objectives for the main quest in The Research Complex.


Dark Lab

Tracking this quest will reveal two markers to the south of this location and one to the north on the compass. Take the doors south. Be prepared for a battle against more mutants. This set will be fairly larger and will consist of a mutated Dire Wolf, Troll, and a Minotaur. Your largest threat here will be the Mutated Minotaur who will stand at 12 HP. As they enter, deal an AoE attack if available while they stand together. As the turns go by they will approach o you can use the doorway to your advantage by narrowing their approach. By keeping your position near the wall, they are forced to approach one at a time and this will allow only one of them to ake a position near you. Keep in mind that during their turns, they will have the ability to restore some health. This is sometimes prevented when the enemy receives fire damage. Continue to deal ranged attacks with fire damage if possible and wait for them to approach the party at the doorway. Then focus your melee attacks at the closest enemy.  If you can, clear out the enemies in the immediate area first in order to minimize damage intake. While you are pinned to your position, you may consider deploying a summon to gain a different position. Clear the area to continue.


Captive Quarters

Loot this location, then attempt to take the doors east. A new waypoint will be added: Captive Quarters, but you will be unable to enter. This will check off one of your three main objectives, Find the Lab's Scientists. Interact with the switch directly right of the doors, but something will be blocking the doors. This will also complete an objective for the secondary quest, The Sphere Prism Key.

Continue to explore the area with caution and you may spot some tracks in this location. Take the staircase towards the west. Once up the stairs, go north and interact with the switch on the wall to open the set of doors here. This will give you the Isolation Unit. Loot the notes on the desk to obtain the research notes needed for your objective. Move on to the next area.

Scroll all the way south, there will be an undiscovered room with cells. Click the area to allow your adventurers to find their way here. This will complete the last objective of the three, search for clues. Entering this area will also progress in the giant's secondary quest, the Ugly Truth if it has been activated. 

Loot the basket in the middle of the room to begin a quick cutscene. After the scene ends, look at the room on the other side of the wall here to the east. Click into this area and your party will find a way to climb the wall. Look south and have them push over the boulder and the box. The box will allow you to climb over to the next area east. This will complete another objective for the secondary quest, The Sphere Prism Key.

There will be another crate that can be pushed aside in this room at the eastern wall. Pushing the crate will reveal another boulder that can also be moved. Move the boulder to add the waypoint: Mana Generator. From here, you have gained access to all the rooms required to complete your objective. 




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