The Last Endeavor

Type Secondary Quest
Act Lost Valley DLC
Location Dinas Gessa, Secret Facility
Reward(s) The Rebellion Relation Improvement

The Last Endeavor is a Secondary Quest from the Lost Valley DLC in Solasta: Crown of the Magister. Quests are different tasks and missions that a player can acquire and partake in throughout the game, quests are usually unlocked through the main campaign, during a series of events, or are given by certain NPCs. Completing a quest also grants various rewards that can aid the player throughout their journey. This is a Faction Quest from The Rebellion. Completing this quest will increase your relationship with The Rebellion. Progressing to the Secret Facility in this quest will worsen your relations with the Dominion. If your relations with specific factions are low enough, this could cause you to be locked out of certain quests from that Faction.


The Last Endeavor Objectives

Speak to Renno
Meet Hendeolas Anfarel 
Go to the Secret Complex 
Report to Hendeolas



The Last Endeavor Walkthrough

Complete The Dominion Strikes Back to activate this quest. This quest begins immediately after the completion of The Dominion Strikes Back

Speak to Renno

Renno can be found at the headquarters crossroads of the Rebellion HQ in Dinas Gessa

Meet Hendeolas Anfarel

When you have spoken to Renno, make your way to the main headquarters area. On your fast travel map, travel to the Headquarters. If you are tracking this quest, the quest location marker should be leading you northeast.

major gate entrance hq dinas gessa map dlc lost valley solasta wiki guide 600px

Follow the marker down the hallway north till it makes you turn right at the corner. Enter through the first archway, which is circled on the map above to ensure you are heading in the right direction. You should reach a blocked entryway where you can head north through the next entryway. Continue down this path north and down the set of stairs until you reach the Minor Gate.

major gate hq ultimate threat dinas gessa dlc lost valley solasta wiki guide 600px

Leave the area through the Minor Gate. A cutscene will begin. Once you arrive, make your way south of this area till you reach the throne and unlock the Anfarel Crypt Waypoint. This is where you will meet Hendeolas Anfarel. Here, you may choose the less provoking responses, otherwise you risk failing the quest and inciting a battle. When prompted, remain silent to continue the quest. 

Telling Hendeolas to get lost will result in a battle against some Wight Lords and mummies. You will also fail the quest, and be notified that because of your change of relations with The Rebellion some of your quests will be automatically cancelled. 

Go to the Secret Complex

Exit this location and make your way to the Secret Facility, which will be west of the Dinas Gessa on the main map. From here, you actually will need to find a way into the facility. You can enter through the main entrance and face the Dominion guards in the way. Once you have made your way into the facility, you will need to make your way down the the basement. This can be done either by going through the trapdoor or by locating the Pyramid Prism Key within the Guard Quarters to be able to activate the Elevator down to the basement. You can then reach the tunnels and navigate your way to the Dark Lab. Since you aren't aligned with the Dominion, you will have to clear all the Dominion enemeis in the area. 

main entrance map secret facility dlc lost valley solasta wiki guide 600px min

dark lab map secret facility dlc lost valley solasta wiki guide 600px min min

This will give you access to the cells where Serentis will be. Since this is a Rebellion quest, you will have no option but to kill him.From the Dark Laboratory, you will find yourself in between the two Mana Generator Rooms. 


Mana Generator

Enter the Mana Generator Room that is tinted blue. Interact with the large switch in the center of the room and you will find that the generator won't work. This will also give you a Mana Generator Fragment. Take the north doors in the area to the Dark Laboratory. Interact with the generator and they will say it won't work, but since you have the Mana Generator Fragment, interact with it a second time and that will fix it. Flip the Switches on both Mana Generator Rooms to activate them. 

mana generator blocked secret facility dlc lost valley solasta wiki guide 600px min min


For an in-depth way to navigate through the Facility while progressing through other available quests, click here. Once you have activated the Mana Generators, you may find a way to exit the Facililty. Make your way out through the Main Entrance.


Report to Hendeolas

Exit the Secret Facility location and travel back to Dinas Gessa in order to reach the Rebellion HQ where you can speak to Hendeolas Anfarel.Tis will complete the quest and you will be prompted to progress to A Safe Passage.


How to obtain The Last Endeavor

  • This quests can be activated after purchasing and downloading the Lost Valley DLC. Progress in The Rebellion Faction questline to activate this quest.


The Last Endeavor Rewards and Loot


The Last Endeavor Notes & Tips

  • Notes & tips go here


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