A Small Favor

Type Secondary Quest
Act Lost Valley DLC
Location The Verdant Valley
Reward(s) ???

A Small Favor is a Secondary Quest in Solasta: Crown of the Magister. Quests are different tasks and missions that a player can acquire and partake in throughout the game, quests are usually unlocked through the main campaign, during a series of events, or are given by certain NPCs. Completing a quest also grants various rewards that can aid the player throughout their journey.


A Small Favor Objectives

Cross the Plateau to the City
  • Reach the city and find a merchant
  • Sell the dry meat and buy three balls of sewing thread for Gartok
Take the Sewing Thread to Gartok



A Small Favor Walkthrough

Progress in The Emerald Forest main quest storyline until you reach the forge then locate and speak to the Giant, Gartok in The Verdant Valley, complete A New Cushion to activate this quest.


Cross the Plateau to the City

The Giant will request for another favor. He wants you to get a Sewing Kit from the City. Once you are finished Exploring The Verdant Valley for the main quest, The Emerald Forest, travel to the city to complete the first objective. 



Once in the City, you will need to speak to Butcher, Henrik Redhand just north of the starting location. Purchase 3 balls of sewing thread. 


Take the Sewing Thread to Gartok

To complete the quest, take the treat back to Gartok the Hill Giant in The Verdant Valley. This will complete the quest and activate the next quest, A New Seat


How to obtain A Small Favor


A Small Favor Rewards and Loot

  • ???
  • ???


A Small Favor Notes & Tips

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