Precious Paper

Type Secondary Quest
Act Lost Valley DLC
Location Merchant Campsite Grotto
Reward(s) Principality of Masgarth xp

Precious Paper is a Secondary Quest in Solasta: Crown of the Magister. Quests are different tasks and missions that a player can acquire and partake in throughout the game, quests are usually unlocked through the main campaign, during a series of events, or are given by certain NPCs. Completing a quest also grants various rewards that can aid the player throughout their journey.


Precious Paper Objectives

Find Marin Ving's Documents
  • According to Helia Fairblade, Marin Ving was carrying valuable documents and the council will pay to recover them. If you find anything, report to her.
Return the Notebook



Precious Paper Walkthrough

This quest can be started along side the Main Quests from the Lost Valley DLC, The Merchant Road. Begin that quest by speaking to Galar Goldentongue. Then begin this quest by speaking to Helia Fairblade


Find Marin Ving's Documents

Proceed through your main quest until you reach a cave. Enter the cave. Beware of the bear in this area. If you manage to locate the bear, you may engage in battle and loot its Pelt in order to begin another secondary quest: A Furry Task. Search the cave and walk further in until you come across a lootable basket which will contain a Green Book. 


Return the Notebook

Return the notebook to Helia Fairblade. When you are done with the area return to the caravans and speak to Helia Fairblade to complete the quest. This will increase your relations with the Principality of Masgarth


How to obtain Precious Paper


Precious Paper Rewards and Loot


Precious Paper Notes & Tips

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