The Witch Hunt

Type Secondary Quest
Act Lost Valley DLC
Location Swamp (Location)
Reward(s) Handy Haversack

The Witch Hunt is a Secondary Quest from the Lost Valley DLC in Solasta: Crown of the Magister. Quests are different tasks and missions that a player can acquire and partake in throughout the game, quests are usually unlocked through the main campaign, during a series of events, or are given by certain NPCs. Completing a quest also grants various rewards that can aid the player throughout their journey.


The Witch Hunt Objectives

Find Hannik
Enter the Witch's Hut
Find a Way Out
Return to Hannik



The Witch Hunt Walkthrough

Progress through the main questline, and through a desired Faction questline until the Swamp (Location) is unlocked. Travel to the Swamp and make your way northeast till you reach a hunt. Once you attempt to enter, this quest will begin. You may encounter this area if you choose to progress through the Forge questline, when making your way to The Dryad Queen location. This will be further east past the Giant Tree waypoint. To reach this area, head directly east from the wooden docks of the swamp from the swamp entrance towards the Forge camp. Once you reach the marshes on the east, follow the docks to a glowing hut. Interact with the door to begin the quest. You can reach this area through the Strange House waypoint. 



Traveling back through this area may trigger a few battles against skeletal figures, and fire jesters. Some of them are ranged attacks, and this are does not have a lot of locations to seek cover. Clear the large clay Golem and the mage skeleton first to clear the highest dealers of damage. once they take their turns, clear the skeletons as they approach. When at a distance, deal ranged attacks if available and deploy a summon. When facing the Clay Golem, be aware that Piercing and bludgeoning attacks do not affect him and so you will need to rely on magic attacks. Claar this area and win the battle to pass though.

Make your way southeast where there will be a plain small grass area on a rock platform. You will find a Spectral avenger with a quest marker. Approach him and interact with the ghost figure and he will send you to your next objective. 


Find Hannik

Leave the Swamp (Location) and make your way to the city, Caer Hyfryd. You can find the ghosts brother, Hannik at the city Market next to Henrik Redhand. After speaking to him, exit the city and return to the Swamp.


Enter the Witch's Hut

Make your way back to the witch hut. This time you have the password and the door will unlock. Interact with the door again and this time it will unlock and allow you to enter. 



You go through the hut all the way to the end and you will reach another exit point. Take the exit to trigger a short cutscene. Head down the stairs. This time you will encounter a citizen walking around the palace. She will tell you not the touch anything, but you will still have the option to loot the chest in the area. If you choose to ignore her advice and loot the chest, it may contain a pearl, a Staff and a scroll. After identifying the staff, it will be revealed to be the Staff of Fire. This will also contain a letter from the departed brother. You will still need to ineract with another object to find a way out. 

Continue through the palace and you will reach a cube structure. You will need to interact with the switch behind it so you can reveal the next area. Turn north and there will be another passage lined with a few traps. Approach with caution and disable the traps ahead. Once you reach this location you can find a Secret passage where the woodenstructure is. Loot the nightstand before you climb the structure. 


Find a Way Out

Climb the wooden structure and make your way up to the next floor. You will need to push the crate over the gap. Highlight the area to find the button. You will need to press it in order to be able to open up your path.  Continue making your way up.This will take you back to the center of the palace and the citizen will reveal herself as a Swamp Hag. She will call you out if you have rummaged through her things and will begin a battle against her and a number of skeleton figures and creatures. Your next objective will be to Kill the Witch. 


Kill the Witch

You will be facing a number of enemies including a few skeletons, and the Golem. The skeletons are one of the more basic enemies to face so you will need to focus on clearing the Swamp Hag who will deal more damaging attacks. Beware of her spell, Ice Storm, that has a large area of effect that can send ice down and damage those within the area. As long as you are within this area, you will continue to take damage , however this also affects enemies within the ware. Try to prioritize escaping the zone of her spell since it also will affect your movement speed. During her hostile spell casting, you may have a chance to also counter her spell and react to it. As the fight carries on, use the pillars in the area to your advantage and stay out of the line of sight of the ranged attacks. These enemies will make large advances so clear them as they approach. You may even want to keep some adventures on the upper floor to lure some enemies up there and pick them off until they are cleared. As much as possible, stear clear of the Golem as well to keep him from using his high damage melee attacks on any adventuerers within range. With enough health, you can approach him to deliver your most powerful attacks. Clear the area to continue. You can then exit this location. 


Return to Hannik

Exit the Swamp (Location) and travel to Caer Hyfryd, the city. Return to hannik and speak to him to complete the quest. 



How to obtain The Witch Hunt

  • Purchase and download the Lost Valley DLC in order to be able to access this quest. Progress through the main questline, and through a desired Faction questline until the Swamp (Location) is unlocked. 


The Witch Hunt Rewards and Loot


The Witch Hunt Notes & Tips

  • Notes & tips go here


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