History of Violence

Type Secondary Quest
Act ???
Location Coparann
Reward(s) ???

History of Violence is a Secondary Quest in Solasta: Crown of the Magister. This History of Violence is only available with the Primal Calling DLC. It is The new Backgrounds,' The Wanderer newly added background Quest. Quests are different tasks and missions that a player can acquire and partake in throughout the game, quests are usually unlocked through the main campaign, during a series of events, or are given by certain NPCs. Completing a quest also grants various rewards that can aid the player throughout their journey.


History of Violence Objectives

Objective 1
  • Description
Objective 2
  • Description



History of Violence Walkthrough

This quest can be found in Coparann after completing Abjuration Main Quest)

How to obtain History of Violence

  • ???


History of Violence Rewards and Loot

  • ???
  • ???


History of Violence Notes & Tips

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