Race Features



Ability Score Increase

Dexterity +2


Advantage on saving throws against being Frightened.


When you roll a 1 on an attack roll, ability check or saving throw, reroll and use the new roll.

Halfling Nimbleness

You can move through the space of any creature that is of a large size than you.

Halfling is a Race in Solasta: Crown of the Magister. The Halfling race has the Island Halfling and Marsh Halfling Subraces. Races and Subraces determine many aspects of a character, from their appearance to their innate capabilities. Races and Subraces in Solasta are chosen during Character Creation, and each choice grants various buffs and effects that are exclusive to a certain race, as well as unique physical traits.


The original halflings evolved in the marshes on the northeastern part of Solasta, before spreading south, following the river and reaching the sea. They are short and nimble, and known for their bravery despite their size.

Halfling Features


Halfling Subraces Features

Marsh Halfling

Island Halfling


Halfling Tips & Builds

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Races and Subraces
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      Is there a damage difference between weapons(longsword, shortsword, greatsword .. etc) for medium sized humanoids(humans) vs small sized humanoids(halflings)?

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