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Race Features


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Ability Score Increase

Constitution +2

Dwarven Resilience

Saving throw advantage against poison resistance to poison damage.


See normally in dim light, and in natural darkness as if in dim light.

Dwarven Combat Training

Proficient with BattleaxeHandaxeWarhammer.


Dwarvish, Common

Dwarf is a Race in Solasta: Crown of the Magister. The Dwarf race has the Hill Dwarf and Snow Dwarf Subraces. Races and Subraces determine many aspects of a character, from their appearance to their innate capabilities. Races and Subraces in Solasta are chosen during Character Creation, and each choice grants various buffs and effects that are exclusive to a certain race, as well as unique physical traits.


One of the ancient races of Solasta, dwarves are naturally skilled miners and craftsmen. Blocky and sturdy, they are fierce warriors and keepers of their ancestral culture and traditions.

Dwarf Features


Dwarf Subraces Features

Dwarf  Subrace features in addition to regular Dwarf features.

Hill Dwarf

Snow Dwarf


Dwarf Tips & Builds

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Races and Subraces
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      this page makes no mention of the 'heavy armour training' racial trait, which causes dwarves to be unaffected by heavy armour penalties. this is quite disappointing, considering that i came here to see exactly what those penalties were, given the vague nature of the in-game description.

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