Deity in Solasta: Crown of the Magister is a character feature that is presented to the Cleric and Paladin Classes during Character Customization. Choosing a deity for the player's character is like selecting the beliefs that your character follows. For both the Cleric and Paladin classes, selecting a Deity changes the type of alignment for your character, but in the Cleric class, each Deity also consists of various Divine Domain (Subclasses) that you can choose to obtain more Features for the character. This page covers a list of all the Deity choices in Solasta: Crown of the Magister.


Solasta All Deities


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The primordial god of the elements and patron of adventurers, peasants, hermits, and all others who value nature above civilization.


Einar is the god of valor and fidelity, and the patron of paladins, lawful warriors, and all those who bring light to the darkness.


The goddess of life and death, the patron of healers and embalmers, and the embodiment of universal duality. Traditionally, she is Arun's wife.


The goddess of law and knowledge and patron of judges and lawyers, teachers, librarians, and scholars.



Cleric Divine Domains


Elemental (Fire)

Deity: Arun

The Elemental domain allows a cleric to become one with the elements. The fire sub-domain makes you less vulnerable to fire damage and grants you fire-based attacks.

Elemental (Ice)

Deity: Arun

The Elemental domain allows a cleric to become one with the elements. The ice sub-domain makes you less vulnerable to ice damage and grants you ice-based attacks.

Elemental (Lightning)

Deity: Arun

The Elemental domain allows a cleric to become one with the elements. The lightning sub-domain makes you less vulnerable to lightning damage and grants you lightning-based attacks.


Sun Domain

Deity: Arun

The Sun domain encompasses the powers of cleansing light and warmth of the sun itself. Clerics who embrace this domain are beacons of light in a world of darkness.

Battle Domain

Deity: Einar

The Battle domain grants powerful combat spells. Its clerics can deal damage as well as providing front-line heading.

Law Domain

Deity: Einar, Pakri

The Law domain focuses on protecting the innocent and punishing the guilty, granting powers and spells to control and tame the unlawful.


Life Domain

Deity: Maraike

The Life domain focuses on the vibrant positive energy - one of the fundamental forces of the universe - that sustains all life, and grants unrivaled healing abilities.

Oblivion Domain

Deity: Maraike

The Oblivion domain shows the darker aspects of Mariake, that of the goddess of death. Clerics who choose this domain are neither evil nor sinister, but avengers and comforters to those who suffer and grieve.

Insight Domain

Deity: Pakri

The Insight domain focuses on learning, memory, and deduction. Those who embrace this domain are renowned for their knowledge and wisdom.


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