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Einar is a Deity in Solasta: Crown of the Magister. Deity is a character feature that is presented to the Cleric and Paladin Classes during Character Customization. Choosing a deity for the player's character is like selecting the believes that your character follows. Selecting a Deity changes the type of alignment for your character, but in the Cleric class, each Deity also consists of various Divine Domain (Subclasses) that you can choose to obtain more Features for the character.


Einar is the god of valor and fidelity, and the patron of paladins, lawful warriors, and all those who bring light to the darkness. The Church of Eina is organized into three orders:

The Blade is a militant order, a bulwark against chaos and evil. The Shield is an order of protectors, devoted to their flock. The Beacon is an order of intirenant preachers, helping the communities through which they travel with their strength at arms, their healing skills, and their knowledge of the law.

Einar Information


Einar Divine Domains

At Lv. 1 Cleric, players get to choose their Divine Domain (Subclasses) in Character Customization


Divine Domain Features

battle domain cleric subclass solasta wiki guide 75pxBattle Domain

Level 1

Level 2

  • Decisive Strike: On a successful attack, Channel Divinity to add 1d6 to your damage and stun your target (save negates). Increases by 1d6 every 3 levels above level 2. 

Level 6

  • Herald of Battle: Allies in adjacent cells gain +1 on attack rolls, damage, AC, and saving throws. 

law domain cleric subclass solasta wiki guide 75pxLaw Domain

Level 1

Level 2

  • Channel Divinity: Holy Retribution: When a melee attack damages you, you can use your reaction to Channel Divinity and strike back using a melee weapon, adding (2d6 + Cleric level) psychic damage.
  • Channel Divinity: Force Law: Channel Divinity when casting an attack spell to impose disadvantage on your target's saving throw.

Level 6


Einar Tips & Builds

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