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Pakri is a Deity in Solasta: Crown of the Magister. Deity is a character feature that is presented to the Cleric and Paladin Classes during Character Customization. Choosing a deity for the player's character is like selecting the believes that your character follows. Selecting a Deity changes the type of alignment for your character, but in the Cleric class, each Deity also consists of various Divine Domain (Subclasses) that you can choose to obtain more Features for the character.


The goddess of law and knowledge and patron of judges and lawyers, teachers, librarians, and scholars. She gifted humans with the thirst for knowledge so they could learn and develop their society, and the law which preserves civilization.

Her clergy is divided into two orders: The Order of the Book includes the most lawyer-priests in the world. The Order of the Owl sends its members across the land to help those in need of protection and justice.

Pakri Information


Pakri Divine Domains

At Lv. 1 Cleric, players get to choose their Divine Domain (Subclasses) in Character Customization


Divine Domain Features

law domain cleric subclass solasta wiki guide 75pxLaw Domain

Level 1

Level 2

  • Channel Divinity: Holy Retribution: When a melee attack damages you, you can use your reaction to Channel Divinity and strike back using a melee weapon, adding (2d6 + Cleric level) psychic damage.
  • Channel Divinity: Force Law: Channel Divinity when casting an attack spell to impose disadvantage on your target's saving throw.

Level 6

isight domain cleric subclass solasta wiki guide 75pxInsight Domain

Level 1

Level 2

  • Channel Divinity: Foreknowledge: Channel Divinity to see the immediate future and doge your enemy's attacks better. For 1 minute, the first attack (except shove) made against you after your turn suffers a disadvantage.

Level 6

  • Divine Eye: Advantage to detect traps, hidden doors, and objects.


Pakri Tips & Builds

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