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Background Features


Proficient in Athletics and Intimidation.


Proficient with Medium Armor.

Additional Languages

Choose one additional language.


Proficient with Smith's Tools

Strongest Personality

This character uses slang extensively, including crude and vulgar language on occasion.

Background Equipment

Military Campaign Ribbon
10 Gold Pieces
Commoner's Clothing

Sellsword is a Background in Solasta: Crown of the Magister. A Background is a character feature that is presented during Character Customization. A character's background is what they did before taking up the adventuring life. The background gives them equipment and proficiencies, as well as the ability to select proficiency flags that affect the character's dialogue choices.


You spent your youth in a company of mercenaries and since then, your fighting skills have been put to the service of gold. Companionship and bloodshed have forged your character and made you both tough and bitter.

Sellsword Personality Flags

A character's personality affects their conversations. Some narrative flags provide variants to standard dialogue, while others unlock different dialogue branches so the character can play according to their personality. Players can choose up to (2) personality flags based on the background, while (2) more according to their chosen alignment.

  • Authority: A tendency to enforce rules and beliefs with authority and leadership.
  • Kindness: A tendency to care about others, preferring to make friends rather than enemies.
  • Violence: A tendency to solve problems with violence, even when there are other options.
  • Cynicism: A tendency to scoff at principles and values.
  • Strongest Personality - Slang: This character uses slang extensively, including crude and vulgar language on occasion.


Sellsword Features


Sellsword Starting Equipment


Sellsword Tips & Builds

  • Character Personality: You can create strong personality features by combining the same flag from the background and the alignment. The resulting personality is summarized at the bottom left of the screen. The deepest color indicates the strongest personality.
  • Background Alignment: Describes the character's moral and personal attitudes affinity of your character. In Solasta, alignment is the second form of personality customization.



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