DLC for Solasta: Crown of the Magister features additional content of the game that is not available with the regular edition of the game. DLC usually contains pre-order bonuses, free additional content, paid packs, and game expansions. This page covers all relevant information regarding the following DLCs that are released.


Solasta: Crown of the Magister All DLCs

Solasta Inner Strength DLC

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Hey there folks! Mark your calendars because we're here with a date for the next DLC! With the Monk, Bard & Warlock joining the party, we've finally completed the full SRD class lineup in Solasta. To think we originally planned to release the game with only 4 - Fighter, Rogue, Cleric, Wizard - and now we're up to 12... All of this is only possible thanks to your support! But that's not all there is, the long awaited Dragonborns also make their appearance in this new DLC. Inner Strength, coming up November 14th - don't miss it!

New DLC Features:

  • Three new Backgrounds: The Ascetic, The Artist & The Occultist (note: these new backgrounds do not have a background quest in the Crown of the Magister campaign)
  • 17 new feats to give our martial classes some more love!
  • Gamepad support on PC is finally here <3
    Boss monsters have now been activated in the Dungeon Creator! Use them at your own risk and peril!

This DLC will also be released with a free update that will include 17 new Feats and 3 new Backgrounds. We also welcome the update that allows Gamepad support for PC.

Solasta Lost Valley

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Not all Manacalon lords heeded the call to arms when the Rift opened – some chose to stay behind to protect imperial secrets, some others simply wanted to save their own skin. What none expected however was the sheer magnitude of the Cataclysm. Even small isolated enclaves were left in tatters and yet somehow, someway, the old Manacalon ways survived in the Valley of the Dominion. Forgotten by all, the rare visitors only stumbled upon it by accident… and have never been able to leave.

DLC Features

  • A replayable non linear story
  • New foes to face
  • New subclasses
  • Play Lost Valley co-op with up to 4 players
  • New Subclasses
  • New Dungeon Maker content

Solasta Primal Calling DLC

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Unleash your wild side with the Primal Calling DLC
5 Nov, 2021

Buying this DLC unlocks two new classes (for a total of 6 new subclasses), one new ancestry and one new background.

  • The Barbarian Class, with its 3 subclasses: Path of the Berserker (SRD), Path of the Magebane (Solasta), Path of Stone (Community)
  • The Druid Class, with its 3 subclasses: Circle of the Land (SRD), Circle of Kindred Spirit (Solasta), Circle of Winds (Community)
  • The Half-Orc Ancestry
  • The Wanderer Background, with its brand new background quest located in Copparan

Solasta's also getting a large update for free!
Whether you decide to get this DLC or not, the Tactical Adventures crew will be rolling a free update nonetheless!



Solasta Palace of Ice

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The Palace of Ice DLC is a high level 10 to 16 campaign that will take your party into the frozen lands of the Snow Alliance. The allies of Caer Cyflen need your help now more than ever, for Soraks are not the only foes that have been sighted lately. Other ancestral creatures have joined the battle, and there is little hope for victory without experienced adventurers to face them.

New DLC Features:

  • 2 New Ancestries. The Gnome and the Tiefling are now available in the Character Creator!
  • A continuation of the Crown of the Magister Campaign. Unveil the Soraks’ master plan and put an end to this threat once and for all!
  • Returning faces. Import your save file from a previous campaign to continue playing your previous party at higher levels, and meet characters from both CotM and the Ruins of Telema demo! Note that you can also create new characters if you so desire, as they will start at level 10 in Palace of Ice.
  • High-level encounters. Ready yourself, for you are not facing just goblins anymore! Get ever stronger up until level 16 to defeat the mightiest of foes!
  • Co-op with up to 4 players! Just like the two other official adventures, Palace of Ice is ready to be tackled solo or with friends.

New Dungeon Maker Content

  • Four new environments: Mountain Caves (indoor), Dwarven City (indoor), Dwarven Settlement (outdoor), Snowy Hills (outdoor)
  • New monsters: Monsters from Palace of Ice will be available to use in the Dungeon Maker
  • [FREE] New World Map System: Place your locations on one of the three existing World Maps (Crown of the Magister, Lost Valley & Palace of Ice), link them together and add some spice with Random Encounters during travel!
  • [FREE] New NPC Follower System: Create follower NPCs who can join the party (controllable) to give them a hand during combat!

New Free Content

  • Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Halflings and Half-Elves are all receiving 6 new faces to choose from for free (3 Male / 3 Female)
  • Level 12 - 16 are now available in the Dungeon Maker! Note that the Crown of the Magister and Lost Valley campaigns are still locked to level 12 max due to balance reasons.







Solasta Supporter Pack

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This content requires the original game sold separately. On the Microsoft game story, this currently with the Xbox game pass if available. 

Do you love Solasta: Crown of the Magister? Like, so much you're wondering if you failed a Wisdom Saving Throw at some point? Well look no further, for you stumbled upon the fabled Supporter Pack! Help further fuel the development of the game, and we'll treat you with some fancy goodies.

Supporter Pack Content:

  • 4x Additional Dice - Diamond Dice, Golden Dice, Silver Dice, Bronze Dice
  • 3x Additional Dice with special FX - Flaming Dice, Frozen Dice & Lightning Dice
  • Environmental Art Pack - High Resolution Concept Art of the many locations you will be visiting throughout the game
  • Weapon Art Pack - High Resolution Concept Art of various weapons you'll find in-game
  • Badlands Art Pack - High Resolution Concept Art from the early days of our project, when we were still creating the world of Solasta!

Solasta Bundle - $53.99

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Buy all available Solasta products and release in a Bundle for a 10% off. 

Buy Solasta - Complete your Collection BUNDLE -(10%)

Items included in this Bundle:

  • Solasta: Crown of the Magister
  • Solasta: Crown of the Magister - Supporter Pack
  • Solasta: Crown of the Magister - Primal Calling DLC
  • Solasta: Crown of the Magister - Lost Valley DLC 



Solasta Soundtrack

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ARTIST: Various Artists
COMPOSER: Maxime Hervé
LABEL: G4F Records
OTHER CREDITS: Tactical Adventures


  • 1 World of Light 1:32
  • 2 Heroes of Solasta 3:26
  • 3 High Adventure 3:09
  • 4 Prison Escape 2:12
  • 5Hour of the Wolf 2:19
  • 6 The Lightbringers 1:58
  • 7 Shadows 2:36
  • 8 Caer Cyflen 2:16
  • 9 Ruins of Telema 4:47
  • 10 Clashing Swords 2:34
  • 11 The Crown 1:55
  • 12 The Necromancer 3:05
  • 13 Coparann 2:56
  • 14 Master's Tower 2:52
  • 15 Ambush in the Dark 2:47
  • 16 The Legacy Council 2:10
  • 17 The Battle of the Rift 2:17
  • 18 The Cradle of Fire 3:10
  • 19 Warcry 2:50
  • 20 Master Mind 2:57
  • 21 Children of Darkness 2:56
  • 22 Aer Elai 4:07
  • 23 The Last Stand

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