Endless Quiver of Colthannin

Tool (Uncommon)


Generates x20 Arrows (every 1 hour)




500 gold-currency-icon-solasta-wiki-guide


Magical, Summoning, Leather

Endless Quiver of Colthannin is a Tool and Item in Solasta: Crown of the Magister. Toos consists of Bags and Crafting Tools. Bags are mainly used to increase the carrying capacity of the character and sometimes it also includes some starting items, while Tools are mainly used and required for crafting various items such as Scrolls, Potions, and many more.


Enchanted by the ancient Greenmages of Colthannin, these quivers made sure they never ran out of arrows.


Endless Quiver of Colthannin Information

  • Tool Type: Quiver
  • Weight: 2
  • Value: 500 gold-currency-icon-solasta-wiki-guide
  • Effects: Generates x20 Arrows every 1 hour, automatically is added to the wielder's inventory.



Where to Find Endless Quiver of Colthannin



Endless Quiver of Colthannin Tips & Builds

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