The Merchant Road

Type Main Quest
Act Lost Valley DLC
Location Merchant Campsite
Reward/s ???

The Merchant Road is a Main Quest from The Lost Valley DLC in Solasta: Crown of the Magister. Quests are different tasks and missions that a player can acquire and partake in throughout the game, quests are usually unlocked through the main campaign, during a series of events, or are given by certain NPCs. Completing a quest also grants various rewards that can aid the player throughout their journey.


The Merchant Road Objectives

Speak with Galar
  • You asked Galar about the people who set camp nearby. He asked you to find out who they are and why they're here. 
Talk to Lady Fairblade
  • You spoke to Lady Fairblade and learned she is looking for a human named Marin Ving
Talk to the Nobleman
  • You spoke with the nobleman. 
Explore the Area
  • You agreed to help Lady Fairblade's search party look for MarinVing. For now, her people are resting, but you can start exploring the surroundings. Report anything you find. 
Report your Findings
Level Up
Careful Exploration
Follow the Tracks
Escape the Nest
Follow Ving's Tracks 



The Merchant Road Walkthrough

Speak with Galar

Speak to Galar Goldentongue. You asked Galar about the people who set camp nearby. He asked you to find out who they are and why they're here.  This quest begins at the Coparann merchant caravan camp. Conclude your interaction and speak to the rest of the NPCs in the area.

  • Talk to Lady Fairblade
  • Talk to the Nobleman
  • Explore the Area

Speak to Leyrin Catpaw to begin an additional secondary quest, Archaeology. Speaking to Helia Fairblade will also begin the secondary quest, Precious Paper. These quests can be completed alongside the main quest. Instructions for both secondary quests will be included in the walkthrough so that all three quests can be completed together. 

Once you speak to the NPCs in the area, you may take the party and proceed to the next area. Ascend down the cliffs towards the north. While tracking the quest you may have an indicator on your hub that will show the general direction you need to go. Descend the cliffside and descend once more before crossing to obtain some Materials. Be sure to continuously check the cliffside so you don't miss any Materials

cliff the merchant road dlc lost valley solasta wiki guide 600px min


You should be able to obtain a Dwarven Primrose from the first cliff. Climb back up, leap over the gap, and descend again twice to obtain x4 Angry Violet. Continue down the path north and observe a tower of blocks. This will be one of the artifacts needed to complete the Archeology quest. Before moving on, observe the area and interact with the platform towards the cliff edge. This platform should collapse allowing you to interact with the block boulder below. Climb down to loot the corpse below to obtain Small Smith Toolkit, Projectile Parts x3, Shield, Arrow x7. Once you are done, you can take the party and move them onto the glowing square on the path to enter the cave. 

  • New Waypoint Added: Grotto Exit, Abandoned Campsite

Cross the first gap and observe the structure on the left. Facing north, it should be towards the west side of the first platform. The base of the broken pillar is another Artifact for the Archeology secondary quest.

pillar the merchant road dlc lost valley solasta wiki guide 600px min

 Cross the second gap and search the corners of these rocks. Approach this area with caution since the stalactites from the cave can potentially fall and cause damage. You should be able to find Acid x2, Goblin Hair Fungus amongst the corners of the rocks. This is also where the final Artifact will be for the Archeology quest. It will look like a broken pillar. Diagonal from the pillar is a searchable basket that will contain some coins and Green Book.

sack the merchant road dlc lost valley solasta wiki guide 600px min

This will prompt the next objectives for both The Merchant Road quest and the secondary quest, Precious Paper. In the same area, search the location until you come across a Brown Bear. Initiate a battle against a Brown Bear in order to obtain its Brown Bear Pelt. This will begin a new secondary quest, A Furry Task.


Report your Findings

A Quick cutscene will begin after obtaining the Green Book. You may now return to the caravan camp indicated by the blinking marker on the HUD compass. Exit the cave and follow the path back. 

Speaking to Helia will also complete this objective and your relation with the Principality of Masgarth will improve.


Level Up

There will be a fire nearby. Take your party and rest to level up and complete this objective. 


Careful Exploration

You may enlist one of the NPCs in the area as a companion. They will be able to join your party.  Return to the grotto area, taking the same route. Approach the area with caution to be able to reveal the hidden tracks that will show the passage into the next area. Follow the tracks and continue the path and reach the door ahead. Take your party into the travel space and interact with the set of doors until the platform behind you falls.

  • New Waypoint Added: Ruin Entrance


Follow the Tracks

Follow the tracks through the set of doors. Continue proceeding with caution. Your party will face two directions eventually forcing you to either move forward or left. Turn left to be able to loot the corpse ahead which will contain x1 Handaxe, Breastplate, Scroll of Ray of Enfeeblement, and a Shield. Turn the corner to initiate a cutscene. A new tutorial pop-will then appear to remain cautious.

  • Remain Cautious!: Sometimes you'll come across monsters that are far too powerful for your party. You don't always have to fight, though. Try to remain in cautious mode and avoid them at all costs. Otherwise... well, it's  your life. 


Escape the Nest

Remain cautious and take two party members to step on both symbols on the floor at the same time. Once the next passage opens, you may continue through. You may need a light source to clearly check your surroundings. In this area, you can hop atop the broken pillar so that one party member can cross to the small platform. Interact with the object on the platform to gain some experience. Return to the rest of your party and then head to the crevice east. Continue east and there should be a highlighted interactive block boulder. Interact with the large boulder block. Before crossing, loot the crate against the wall. It will contain x1 Honored Stone, Jade Pendant.

Continue across the pushed block to hop on to the next platform and then cross over the next gap. If you head east and reach another set of doors, there will be another object across it to interact with that will give you more experience. Get through the set of doors to see another set of doors on the wall to the left and a hall to the right. At this moment, this door cannot be opened. If you linger in this area, some Ghouls and Skeletons may approach from the hall to the right. This will trigger a battle. Clear them and then to the south section. There will be hidden areas in the dark that you can climb up. There will be another object to interact with atop this area and will require an Arcana roll. Your party will gain experience.

statue the merchant road dlc lost valley solasta wiki guide 600px min min

Climb down and then you can take the opposite path which will lead you to a knight statue and a dead end. Interact with the figure for more EXP. There will also be a lootable crate which will contain a Strange Key, Gold Locket, Handaxe, and Sword. With the Strange key, now you can return to the locked set of doors and open them. This will add a new waypoint to your map. This will lead to the nest Exit. Take your party into the exit area to trigger the next cutscene.  

  • New Waypoint Added: Nest Exit


Follow Ving's Tracks  

If you continue down this route, you can expect to be greeted by another Battle sequence. You will be going against a horde of gorillas. When they are cleared, go through the arch and there will be another travel box. This will lead you to travel to the Valley next. Traveling to the Valley will complete The Merchant Road and begin the next quest, The Emerald Forest


How to obtain The Merchant Road

  • Purchase and download the Lost Valley DLC in order to be able to access this quest.


The Merchant Road Rewards and Loot

  • ???
  • ???


The Merchant Road Notes & Tips

  • Notes & tips go here




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