The Emerald Forest

Type Main Quest
Act Lost Valley DLC
Location The Verdant Valley
Reward/s ???

The Emerald Forest is a Main Quest from the Lost Valley DLC in Solasta: Crown of the Magister. Quests are different tasks and missions that a player can acquire and partake in throughout the game, quests are usually unlocked through the main campaign, during a series of events, or are given by certain NPCs. Completing a quest also grants various rewards that can aid the player throughout their journey.


The Emerald Forest Objectives

Look for Marin Ving
  • You have discovered some old ruins in the jungle
Explore the Ruins
  • You found the corpse of one of Marin Ving's bodyguards
Leave the Jungle
  • You can hear a waterfall not far away. Leave the jungle and keep looking for Marin Ving.
Explore the Plain
  • Leave the waterfall and follow Marin Ving's tracks onto the plain.
Search the Plateau for Remains
Leave the Valley


The Emerald Forest Walkthrough

Look for Marin Ving

The Merchant Road quest must be completed before this quest can be activated. This quest begins once the adventurers reach the Valley. Once this quest starts you will be prompted with two new tutorials.

  • Tutorial- Pushing Moveable Objects: Quite often on your adventures, you will need to push moveable objects to create a path for your heroes. Jungle trees are a typical example, but you can also push rock columns, and so on. Some paths may remain impassable if you don't have the Athletics skill, or spells like Jump, Fly, or Teleport. 
  • Tutorial- Remote Triggers: Most of these interactable objects can be triggered from a distance by using a ranged weapon like a bow, crossbow, or even a dart. You can also use attack cantrips. Remember, though, you still have to hit your target to trigger it!
  • Tutorial- Highlighting Ineractable Objects: Press and hold the ALT key to highlight various interactable objects: doors, chests, etc.

Follow the initial path. There will be a blinking marker on the HUD giving you an idea of the general direction you need to go. Follow the tutorial instructions and don't forget to check all areas for highlighted interactable objects. Try to take the path north towards the objective marker, weaving through the bushes. Crawl under the fallen log when you come across it. Be cautious since you may come across sets of traps. Destroy traps in your way and loot the sack in the bush to obtain a Staff. The further north you should be able to reach a rest sport where there will be a lootable sack with a Magnificent Shortsword. This area will be marked on your map at the River Camp. At the start of the quest, a Waypoint for the River Camp will also unlock. 

From here, while moving north you should be able to hack through some foliage that will allow you to move on forward. Check your highlighted objects t find out where it is then proceed. If you continue further north, your objective marker should be showing directly east. Here is where you can cross the river. Knock down the decaying tree to create a path to cross. From this point, you will find a number of trees just like this. As you continue making your way you will give a new objective. 


Explore the Ruins

Eventually, a battle will start against some gorillas and Badland Apes unknown creatures if you happen to stumble across them. There will only be 3 at a time. The battle will trigger even at a distance. Use any long-ranged attack against the closest enemy. After tending your turn, the enemies will use their turns to approach. Continue to position your adventurers where they can attack any enemies. A few will stand back and climb the structure behind them, leaving now or two within melee range for these initial turns. Cast spells such as guiding bolt or any other ranged spell if available. As they approach they may start to group together. This is a good opportunity to cast spells that have an AoE such as Shatter. As the turns pass, you will be able to surround them and focus your melee attacks on one at a time to make sure they are cleared. Continue to focus on clearing one at a time until the area is cleared. This will complete the objective. Do not forget to loot their pelts before you leave the area and search the area for any lootable crates. Climb the ruined structure and you should be able to find x1 Scroll of Expeditious Retreat, Oil of Acuteness in a crate, and a Scroll of Comprehend Languages in another sack.

Directly north of the old ruins is a staircase leading down to a set of stone doors. Loot the corners of the pillars that stand at each side of the stairs for some additional materials. Then start to go down the stairs to begin a new secondary quest, The Underground Ruins.

ruins emerald forest dlc lost valley solasta wiki guide 600px min


Leave the Jungle

To continue with the quest head west. The objective marker should also be displayed on the HUD compass which will point you in the general direction of to head to. You may also want to proceed with caution to reveal any hidden tracks left by Marin. From this area, take your adventurers and interact with the highlighted blocks to create a platform in order to cross back over the river. You can find other materials lining the river. You may eventually reach the edge of the cliff this way lined with a few waterfalls. Rotate your camera to face the waterfall and you should be able to select a few platforms leading down in order to lead the adventurers down over the cliff to reach the lower level. Make your way all the way down. Once they are down, head south. Knock down the dead tree to create your path over the water and select the rock platform in the middle of the two waterfalls to take your party there. there will be another tree that can be knocked away from the waterfall edge, bringing you in the right direction of the objective and also completing the current objective. Continue to look out for his tracks. 


Explore the Plain

waterfall map emerald forest dlc lost valley solasta wiki guide 600px min

Leave the waterfall area and look out for Marin's tracks. Eventually, when you reach the river again, there will be a number of stone platforms in the middle of the river and you may be able to catch a glimpse of some torches across the river as well. Hop onto the middle platform with the block boulder to push it over. This will allow you to now reach the other side of the river. Before you cross, search all rock platforms. There will be a platform with a crate that will contain x1 Magnesium, Ammunition, and a Mace. Crossing the river will start another secondary quest, Meat Boy.

On this side of the river, you will reach a treehouse structure. This will be marked as the Outpost on your map Take the adventurers up to meet the Forge Quartermaster, Telerien Purevoice, this will advance your secondary quest, Meat Boy to the next objective. Speak to him further and ask him about the city to reveal a new destination: The City. Ending the conversation will also introduce a new Faction: The Forge.

  • Tutorial- Faction, The Forge: Like the Scavengers in Crown of the Magister, the Forge will collect loot for you so you don't need to worry about carrying it. They also have magical and financial treasures from across the valley, and other unique secrets of their own, including rare recipes for crafting numerous times. 
  • Tutorial- Scavenger System: When you have cleared a location of monsters, go to any Forge outpost and report. They will send their people to collect any remaining loot and sell it. Each time you visit a Forge camp, you can claim the money they owe you. 

    They take a portion of the total value of what they brought back. You also have the chance to buy back some of the collected stuff before it is sold. Interact with the mission board near the Forge leader to use the Scavenger system.

Speak to Samko Flint just across Telerian to progress in The Missing People. After you are done looting the area and speaking to everyone from the Forge, you my head down and take a look at the cave just beside to begin The Blocked Cave. Interact with the highlight boulder to receive your first objective. Speak to Samko Flint just across Telerian to progress in The Missing People. After you are done looting the area and speaking to everyone from the Forge, you my head down and take a look at the cave just beside to begin The Blocked Cave. Interact with the highlight boulder to receive your first objective. You can now proceed to cross back over the river while pushing any boulders in your way. You will have a new location mark on your hud that will direct you to your next location. From the Blocked Cave, you should be heading Northwest. Follow the river north to eventually reach the Broken Bridge. Push the rock to create a path and then head around to push the other block. Approaching this area may trigger a battle against some Dire Wolves. During this engagement, feel free to bring your adventurers up close to these wolves to deliver more powerful melee attacks. Attacks with a large AoE will especially be beneficial in this situation as the wolves move in closer to your party. Ranged attacks can also be dealt with from the ruined wall. There will be a tile space where the adventurers can climb, which would give them a good angle over the battle area. Continue to attack those within range and try to focus on clearing them one by one with your melee adventurers and deal additional damage from a distance with your ranged adventurer.  Wait for their attacks and take any attack of opportunity until all wolves and fire wolves are cleared. From here, you are also cleared to proceed up the cliffs. Take your adventures up each raised platform and then will trigger the next search objectives.


Search the Plateau for Remains
  • Search the bird nests for remains. 

nest emerald forest dlc lost valley solasta wiki guide 600px min

There will be three birds nest in the area. One is directly north of the climbing platforms. Be ready for a quick battle against a set of Giant crows after interacting with the first nest. once the battle begins, the crows will still be at a distance so you may have to use some ranged attacks before they approach. Clear them as they approach. You may also advance your position towards them as well to switch to your melee attacks. Focus on the closest figures and eventually, you will clear the field. This will then allow you to loot the area. Check for highlighted objects and crates and check the corners and walls for anything interactable. There should be a crate that will hold some coins, ammunition, and x1 Rough Blue Diamond

Continue exploring the area. Head north for another birds nest. Search this one and move on to the bridge towards the west. Cross the wooden bridge to make your way to the last bird's next bird's nest and search it. There will be a crate with a Crafting Manual Warhammer of Acuteness, coins, and a bow. Another raised platform will also have a bootable corpse with a Dire Wolf Pelt, and coins. After searching the bird's nest, head north to find a travel square and this will unlock a new waypoint.

  • New Waypoint added: Exit to Valley


Leave the Valley

Before you take the exit, head back south and there will be a drop point where you can take your adventures down to the lower level off the ledge. You will find a corpse here. Take the Forge Amulet. This is the item needed for The Missing Party quest. You may now make your way back to the Outpost to speak to Samko in order to complete The Missing Party. Speaking to her and returning the amulet will also begin the next quests, A Trusted Carrier and The Wolf Menace. Clearing the den of wolves up north would've automatically completed this quest. 

Move on to the next area. Exit the outpost and head back north towards the exit except this time cross the river south. You can follow river from the broken bridge. The area will be circled below. 

giants broken bridge map emerald forest dlc lost valley solasta wiki guide 600px min min


You will be greeted by a Giant named Gartok and a wooden gate. You will need a character who can communicate with the giant or a Scroll to help you such as a Scroll of Comprehend Languages. This will allow you to begin another secondary quest, A New Cushion. Follow the walls of the fort and loot the area. Search each crevice for interactable objects and make sure you check all highlighted items. There should be a crate with Splendid Plate Armor. Now you can exit the area at the new waypoint that was unlocked far north. Take your adventurers to the travel point Valley Exit. This will complete The Emerald Forest and begin Escape the Lost Valley.



How to obtain The Emerald Forest


The Emerald Forest Rewards and Loot

  • ???
  • ???


Escape the Nautiloid Notes & Tips

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