Strength Saving Throw

Main Attribute


Class Saving Throws


Features and Feats affecting this Saving Throw

Aura of Protection
Channel Divinity: Force of Law
Creed of Einar
Herald of Battle

Strength Saving Throw in Solasta: Crown of the Magister is a Saving Throw based on Strength ability. Saving Throws are talents that determine how proficient a character is at resisting different threats.


Strength Saving Throw Information

  • Main Attribute: Strength
  • Strength Saving Throw is a check that determines how well a character can oppose a force that would physically move or bind them.


How to Increase Strength Saving Throw


Strength Saving Throw Tips & Notes

  • Characters which rely on melee attacks based on Strength are usually built with high Strength ability bonus, which by extension benefins Strength Saving Throw
  • Strength Saving Throw is used relatively rarely, in combat as well



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