Proficiency Bonus (PB) in Solasta: Crown of the Magister is a character-wide bonus, added to rolls where character is Proficient.


How to Increase Proficiency Bonus

Base Proficiency Bonus

Base character-wide Proficiency Bonus value is determined by Character Level as shown in the following table. For monsters and other NPCs which don't have Character Level, Proficiency Bonus value depends on their Challenge Rating in the same manner.

Character Level / Challenge Rating Proficiency Bonus
0-4 +2
5-8 +3
9-12 +4
13-16 +5


Further Proficiency Bonus increase

Proficiency Bonus can't be changed with mundane buffs or items, but there are Features and Feats which double Proficiency Bonus for certain Skills or Tools:


Proficiency Bonus and Spells

There is no proficiency with casting Spells, but many of them still utilise Proficiency Bonus in some way:

  • Spell casters add their Proficiency Bonus to Attack Rolls of their Spell Attacks. As if such attacks were weapon attacks made with a weapon those casters are proficient with. It's already inclided in attack roll modifiers displayed in the game.
  • Spell casters add their Proficiency Bonus to difficulty of Saving Throws against their spells. It's already inclided in saving throw difficulty displayed in the game.


Adding Proficiency Bonus to Damage

Most uses of Proficiency Bonus are related to checks made with 20 sided dice rolls. However, following features allow to add it to Damage Rolls:


Proficiency Bonus Tips & Notes

  • To be able to add Proficiency Bonus to a desired roll, character would need Classes, Features, and Feats which provide Proficiency in it.
  • Usually having Advantage on a roll is more appealing than adding Proficiency Bonus to it.

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