Master Alchemist

Feat Effect

Half the time to craft potions;
Expertise in potion crafting progress rolls;
Identify potions automatically.


Intelligence score 13 or higher;
Lv. 4 or 8 of any Class, or Lv. 6 of Fighter.

Master Alchemist is a Feat in Solasta: Crown of the Magister. Feats are special abilities that are unlocked upon reaching Level 4 and these grant various bonuses for the character. When you reach levels 4 and 8, you gain the Ability Score Choice Feature that will allow you to select a Feat if you prefer it over increasing your Ability Score.


Master Alchemist Information

You have mastered the art of potion-making. You have expert knowledge of all potions.

  • You need half the normal time to craft a potion
  • Your Proficiency Bonus is doubled when making the roll to determine whether your potion crafting progresses
  • You can identify potions automatically


How to unlock Master Alchemist

You'll need to fulfill the following requirements to unlock Master Alchemist


Master Alchemist Tips & Notes

  • "Double your proficiency bonus" in this feat is analogous to Rogue class feature Expertise - doubles Proficiency Bonus for a skill which the character is already prificient in



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