Escape the Lost Valley

Type Main Quest
Act Lost Valley DLC
Location Caer Hyfryd
Reward/s ???

Escape the Lost Valley is a Main Quest from the Lost Valley DLC in  Solasta: Crown of the Magister. Quests are different tasks and missions that a player can acquire and partake in throughout the game, quests are usually unlocked through the main campaign, during a series of events, or are given by certain NPCs. Completing a quest also grants various rewards that can aid the player throughout their journey.


Escape the Lost Valley Objectives

Find a Way Out
  • You're trapped in this valley, surrounded by armies of redeemers. 

    Helia Fairblade's mission to find Marin Ving seems harder than ever, but this man is still a threat to the whole Principality. 

    Explore the valley, talk to people, and make sense of the political situation. Make your own choices and your own alliances. and find a way back to the Principality. 

    Good luck and stay in the light!


Escape the Lost Valley Walkthrough

Find a Way Out

Your journey to the City will immediately begin this quest after completing The Emerald Forest. Additional Secondary Quests will also be activated or affected

Approach the stairs directly in front of the starting point to meet Rose Fairwind who will be directly above the stairs to the right. Speak to her and it will impove your relation standing with The People. This will also add a waypoint to the map

  • New Waypoint Added: Market
  • The Butcher (The People): After your conversation a new quest will begin with a new Objective. Ask the Butcher about Marin Ving

Follow the natural route from the city's entrance and you will find yourself at the Market where you can speak to Henrik Redhand, the Butcher. This will further progress The Butcher quest and your next objective will appear once you ask about Marin. If begun, this will also progress the quest, Meat Boy. Make your way to the nearby in so you can take a rest if needed and interact with Cafrain Shadow to begin another Sidequest.

  • Secret Report (Mask): After your conversation with Cafrain Shadow, your next objective will be to meet with Cafrain's contact

Approach the Middle gate directly left of the Inn and you will encounter the City Guard who will let you through the travel portal. Continue straight till end end of the passageway till you reach the staircase to exit the high gate and enter the Palace Gate, here you will come across Malariel Brogarad. She will lead you to Orenetis. This conversation will effect or activate a few secondary quests and activate the following objectives.

After the Cutscene, you will be to roam the Throne room and the palace. Speak to Esfalad Graymas to begin another secondary quest. He will also activate a minor gate to provide a faster way out of the city. This will also unlock a new location, the harvest area. The first objective for the Garden Party quest will also be revealed. Speaking to him will also complete The Lord Protector.

  • Secret Report (Mask): Speak to the City Guard in front of the gate to the left to progress in the Secret Report. You will be given a new objective. Take the Report to Cafrain

Loot the area and exit to the City. Make your way back to the inn and speak to Sima Temple. This will reveal the introduction to the Rebellion and will give you the next objective for A Simple Job. Then speak to Cafrain in the same spot as before to complete Secret Report. You will also be given a new secondary quest. 

  • A Small Detour (Mask): A Package from Cafrain
  • Tutorial Sleight of Hand: If you area proficient with Sleight of Hand, you can attempt to pickpocket enemeis and NPCs. Also, certainermors give you disadvantage on Stealth checks. This is always risky, so think twice before trying it. You must be very stealthy to stand a chance. 
  • A Simple Job (The Rebellion): Steal the Middle Gate Guard's Book. Return to the middle gate and use sleight of hand on the guard with the most appropriate skills. Then return to Sima Temple to begin her next quest. 

At This point, you have been introduced to all new Factions can start to form alliances. As you continue down one Faction questline you may find that you can no longer remain neutral, especially when aligning with the values of the Dominion. You will need to progress far enough through a Faction quesline before you can progress through the main campaign. 

Players will need to follow a Faction questline until they reach and complete the Secret Facility area. If you follow a Faction questline, you should eventually reach one of the following quests. This will allow you to continue. 


Below are all the available quests for each of the Factions




How to obtain Escape the Lost Valley


Escape the Lost Valley Rewards and Loot

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  • ???


Escape the Nautiloid Notes & Tips

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