In Solasta: Crown of Magister, you can chose Dungeon Maker to start an adventure with your friends, or by yourself. Dungeons have different environment and player limit, you can pick a official dungeon, or you can download fan made ones from workshop.


Dungeons in Solasta: Crown of the Magister

Caer Falcarn (Mines)

Starting Level: 1-3

Sent to investigate caravan raiders by Coparann, adventurers enter the Abandoned Mines of Caer Falcarn.

Caer Falcarn (Stronghold)

Starting Level: 2-3

The adventures' visit to the Goblin Caves in the southern Marches revealed a large traffic of stolen goods. Tunnels from the caves led them to this old elven stronghold.

Caer Falcarn (Necropolis)

Starting Level: 2-4

An old Necroplis connected to both the abandoned Mine and the Elven Palace.


Caer Falcarn (Palace)

Starting Level: 3-6

A strangely empty mansion!


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