Circle of Danantar

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Prominent Members

Edvan DanantarJoriel Foxeye

Circle of Danantar is a Faction in Solasta: Crown of the Magister. Factions are a representation of different groups of individuals that has their own beliefs, interests, allies, and enemies. Different factions usually, will give the player various quests, information regarding the lore, unique items, weapons, as well as different outcomes. During your adventures, you will meet people from various factions. Good relations with a faction can bring many advantages. You improve your relations with a faction by doing jobs for them or promoting their interests.


The Circle grew up in the Principality of Masgarth as a school for adventures, out of a minor magic school from the Old Empire. It has a reputation for toughness and practicality which contrasts with the more scholarly outlook of some other factions.


Circle of Danantar Information


Circle of Danantar Related Quests

  • Related Quests and/or Jobs for this Faction goes here.


Circle of Danantar Tips & Builds

  • Faction reputation is acquired through quests and turn in of historical artifacts
  • Reputation levels are Indifferent, Sympathy, Alliance, Brotherhood, Living Legend
  • Must be Alliance or better to start purchasing rewards.


  • Higher Faction rep rewards you with the ability to purchase Enchanted Weapons and Armor +1 and +2
  • Also rewards with the ability to purchase Scrolls up to Level 4
  • Scroll selection is different than the ones offered by Arcaneum


Circle of Danantar Shop Inventory

The contact of the Circle of Danantar is Joriel Foxeye, you can find her at the Sunblaze Court of Caer Cyflen.

Item Item Type Purchase Value gold currency icon solasta wiki guide Reputation Required
Adamantine Plate Armor Armor 2200 Living Legend
Breastplate +1 Armor 1485 <=Alliance
Chain Mail of Sturdiness Armor 1100 <=Alliance
Dwarven Plate Armor 4950 Brotherhood
Colthannin Chain Armor 1320 Brotherhood
Leather Armor +1 Armor 825 <=Alliance
Plate +1 Armor 3025 <=Alliance
Shield +2 Shield 2750 Brotherhood
Leather Armor +2 Armor 2816 <=Alliance
Battleaxe +1 Weapon 869 <=Alliance
Dagger +1 Weapon 880 <=Alliance
Greataxe +1 Weapon 880 <=Alliance
Greatsword +1 Weapon 1045 <=Alliance
Longbow +1 Weapon 880 Brotherhood
Longsword +1 Weapon 935 <=Alliance
Longsword +2 Weapon 2805 Brotherhood
Mace +1 Weapon 830 <=Alliance
Manacalon Morningstar +1 Weapon 842 Brotherhood
Morningstar +2 Weapon 2766 Living Legend
Quarterstaff +1 Weapon 825 <=Alliance
Quarterstaff +2 Weapon 2750 Brotherhood
Rapier +1 Weapon 852 <=Alliance
Shortbow +1 Weapon 902 <=Alliance
Shortsword +1 Weapon 869 <=Alliance
Warhammer +1 Weapon 847 <=Alliance
Shortbow +2 Weapon 2772 Brotherhood
Scroll of Burning Hands Scroll 55 <=Alliance
Scroll of Color Spray Scroll 220 <=Alliance
Scroll of Entangle Scroll 55 <=Alliance
Scroll of Guiding Bolt Scroll 55 <=Alliance
Scroll of Magic Missile Scroll 55 <=Alliance
Scroll of Inflict Wounds Scroll 55 <=Alliance
Scroll of Shield Scroll 55 <=Alliance
Scroll of Thunderwave Scroll 55 <=Alliance
Scroll of Acid Arrow Scroll 220 <=Alliance
Scroll of Blindness Scroll 220 <=Alliance
Scroll of Hold Person Scroll 220 <=Alliance
Scroll of Magic Weapon Scroll 220 <=Alliance
Scroll of Scorching Ray Scroll 220 Brotherhood
Scroll of Shatter Scroll 220 <=Alliance
Scroll of Fireball Scroll 550 Brotherhood
Scroll of Lightning Bolt Scroll 550 Brotherhood
Scroll of Sleet Storm Scroll 550 Brotherhood
Scroll of Vampiric Touch Scroll 550 Brotherhood
Scroll of Blight Scroll 1100 Brotherhood
Scroll of Ice Storm Scroll 1100 Brotherhood
Scroll of Phantasmal Killer Scroll 1100 Brotherhood
Scroll of Cloudkill Scroll 1650 Living Legend
Scroll of Cone of Cold Scroll 1650 Living Legend
Scroll of Flame Strike Scroll 1650 Living Legend
Scroll of Mind Twist Scroll 1650 Living Legend




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