Armor Class (AC)

Attribute Effect

The Armor Class (AC) represents how well the character avoids being hit in battle.


Affected Class Types

All Classes

Armor Class (AC) is an Attribute in Solasta: Crown of the Magister. Attributes are special characteristics or statistics that describe effects on certain or all players or characters.


Armor Class (AC) Information

The Armor Class (AC) represents how well the character avoids being hit in battle. It determines how well protected a character is against any attacks. Armour Class is directly related to a player's equipped Armor

  • Important for: All Classes


Armor Proficiency
  • In order to use the desired equipment, players must first be proficient with them in order for its defense to be properly effective. These proficiencies are determined by class
  • Using an Armor or Shield  without the recommended proficiency for their AC could be detrimental to players during combat. 
  • This will bring disadvandages when attempting to complete checks that involve Strength and Dexterity. This will also hinder a character's ability to cast spells. 
Calculating Armor Class
  • With no protective gear including an Armor and Shield, a character's AC would be 10 on top of the Dexterity modifier bonus stats
  • With AC, enemies must match the character's AC level in order to successfully deal damage. For example, with an AC of 11, enemies must match it with an 11 or higher including the bonuses added on top with Dexterity. 



Armor Class (AC) Tips & Notes

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