Feat Effect

+1 Dexterity to a maximum of 20;
Allows dual-wielding non-light melee weapons.


Lv. 4 or 8 of any Class, or Lv. 6 of Fighter.

Ambidextrous is a Feat in Solasta: Crown of the Magister. Feats are special abilities that are unlocked upon reaching Level 4 and these grant various bonuses for the character. When you reach levels 4 and 8, you gain the Ability Score Choice Feature that will allow you to select a Feat if you prefer it over increasing your Ability Score.


Ambidextrous Information

  • +1 Dexterity to a maximum of 20
  • You can fight using two weapons even if the one-handed melee weapons aren't light


How to unlock Ambidextrous

You'll need to fulfill the following requirements to unlock Ambidextrous


Ambidextrous Tips & Notes

  • Doesn't allow using Heavy weapons for dual-wielding



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    • Anonymous

      If you're a rogue looking at this, in all honesty take something else unless you have like 19/20 dex.
      Two weapon fighting is pretty much useless in this game unless you're using a fighter with 2 longswords. All this would let you do is wield 2 rapiers or 1 rapier and 1 other based of what proficiencies you got from background/race.
      The base proficiencies for rogue are basics, shortswords, and rapiers. To be honest that's all you'd really want to use aside from the scimitar (I think) because if it isn't dex-based, you don't get stealth and at that point you really should just be a ranger. Rogues without sneak attack are rangers that forgot to workout.
      Let's say you tick alll those boxes above and you really want two rapiers. What do you get? A possible 2 extra damage on your main and offhand.

      TLDR: this feat is mostly bait. If it's either this or getting 18 dex to 20 or 16 to 18 etc etc, don't take it. +1 modifier will be much more useful. If you have an odd number on dex, it might be worth.

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