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Albino Minotaur Head is a Quest Item in Solasta: Crown of the Magister. Quest Items are used to further progress the game's story as well as Quests, these items are found in specific locations or are given by related NPCs, while some Quest Items are dropped by enemies or looted.


In-game Description


Albino Minotaur Head Information


Where to Find Albino Minotaur Head

  • Obtained after the defeat of an Albino Minotaur encountered in the depths of the Waterfall Grotto in The Verdant Valley.This is the Cave featured in the quests The Blocked Cave and A New Seat. Enter the cave and you will be able to encounter a Minotaur towards the southeast side of the cave. The Cave is found initially blocked and is located just below the Forge Outpost in The Verdant Valley towards the east. This is later marked on the map as the Waterfall Grotto. If you have progressed through the Giant's quests, you can access the cave through the Giant's Enclave. Progress these to be able to recruit the help of the giant or eventually gain access through the gates and enter through the back end of the cave. 

Giant's Quest:



Albino Minotaur Head Tips & Notes

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